Before I Go to Bed

Before I collapse in a warm pile of comforters, I would just like to say this to Mark Beaumont of NME:
IT ISN'T JUST RICKY WRITING THE FUCKING LYRICS. I don't have the liner notes for this album (damn my American citizenship) but you might want to remember the order of writership from the last album. Nick Hodgson was first, then Rick, then the rest of the band. So the fact that Ricky sings all the songs (except "Boxing Champ") doesn't mean he wrote all the songs (except "Boxing Champ.") This isnt' the Beatles or the Kinks. So for fuck's sake don't say Ricky wrote all the goddamn songs because that will just piss me off and your review already does that well enough without adding that little tidbit into the mix.
As for the person who wrote the review of "Ruby", good job, you didn't piss me off.
Ugh...dead, dead, dead. You're all going to be dead before I'm done with this world.

Massacre of the Innocent

I'm thinking of writing a short ditty about Broadway Night where I almost nearly kill the middle/elementary school students. The high school students will, of course, not be spared, but the tiny ones will. I'm not sure yet. We'll see.
On another note, I've decided that Yours Truly, Angry Mob is the Kaiser Chiefs' angry album. Employment was their bubbly nonsense album and Yours Truly... is their angry nonsense album. Hopefully next time they'll be able to combine the two, so that I can have a bubbly angry nonsense album. That would be perfect.
Also, because when I'm angry I fantasize as a distraction, I want to have sex with Ricky's singing voice for "Retirement." Seriously, if having sex with a voice were possible, I would have sex with his singing voice for "Retirement." Or maybe just his singing voice in general. Oh god I need to move on...
On final note (before I do fucking research on fucking Italian fascist fucking propaganda fuckity, fuck, fuck bollocks shit) David Tennant + freckles = Nore dying.
Fuckity, fuck, fuck, bollocks, shit, twat, bloody fucking hell, son of a bitch wankers. God fucking damnit to hell, shit, shit, shit, bloody son of a goddamn bitch, bollacks, shit, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck. >_< I hate everyone (except Ricky).


Thingy Things

I've got things to post and I'm going to post them even if it kills me. Not that it should kill me, but it's a nice turn of phrase. Anyhoo, onto the thingys!
I forgot to post the link to this yesterday, so here it is (now with two versions): Kaiser Chiefs have their first number 1, kicking Mika's butt. Also for your reading pleasure an interview with the boys, that suprisingly I haven't read yet. Finally Marvin (and a bunch of other sidekicks) get's his dues, because he is the most awesome android in the whole entire universe.
One last note before I wrap things up, if you'd like to listen to the new Arcade Fire album (I know, a different band!) here's the handy dandy link. Turns out you don't need an account to listen to the NME media player, so don't worry about that. I haven't listened to it myself but I've heard good things about it. Neon Bible doesn't come out anywhere until next week, so getting to listen to it now would give you a week's leg-up. Or a month in the case of Yours Truly, Angry Mob which you should listen to right now. LISTEN!!
That is all.
Edit: I have read the KC interview, the shits at DIY just reposted it with a spiffy new picture. Damn poos. Anyway, here's the picture


Yours Truly, Angry Mob --- Kaiser Chiefs, Pt 2b

So we begin the last installment of my reviewing, track by track, Yours Truly, Angry Mob. If, for some horrible reason (or you're just lazy) and you haven't listened to the album yourself by this point, I curse you. Mind you, I haven't listened to it since yesterday, but considering how I've already listened YTAM at least ten times since Friday, I have an excuse. You, my wonderful readers, don't. Now, just as a quick reminder, here's a link to Pt 2a, aka the beginning of the review. If, for some reason, you have forgotten what I said for the first six tracks, you can read it now while listening to the first six tracks as well. Enjoy!

I Can Do It Without You: Either John Lennon is communing with the Kaiser Chiefs from the grave, or they've been eaves-dropping on Paul McCartney. But on the other hand it's also about the fact that, well...fame can kind of jump on you without any warning and everything you take for granted goes poof over night. Yes my friends, another backlash song, but this one doesn't make the band sound like dicks. Another slow song, which the band has seemed to have mastered since the last go around. Something else that should be noted for all the songs is that Whitey's leash has been greatly extended and I'm starting to wonder where Peanut was.

My Kind of Guy: In the description of this song on DIY, Stephen Ackroyd described this track as a slowed down version of Time Honoured Tradition. I would have to agree, simply because I understand what Ricky is singing but verse to chorus to verse, it doesn't make sense. So here's the minor-sounding slowed by half version of Time Honoured Tradition. I don't even have to listen to this track twice to get the review. Hurrah!

Everything is Average Nowadays: And now to get the blood pumping again, a fast track. This album's pepped up version of Modern Way the band discusses how everything is...average...nowadays. Yeah, the title kind of gives away what the hell the song is about. Stylistically speaking, Everything is Average Nowadays is more akin to Employment, so could very well be the next single after Ruby. Also, the band's multiple tours with The Cribs has seemed to have had some influence, at least in this song. Finally, there's a neato key change in the last repetition of the chorus, which makes me happy because I like obvious key changes.

Boxing Champ: Peanut gets to show off his piano skillz and Nick gets to sing lead. Self deprecation and an autobiographic tale are held within this short little ditty. Yup, that's it.

Learnt My Lesson Well: Drum solo!!!! No, seriously, at the beginning of the song there's a great drum solo. Then there are the cool back vocals and thumping bass during the verses. Musically speaking, this is one of the more adventurous songs on the album and Ricky sings "dick" which is right up there with Lily Allen singing "twat." This song also shows off what I love about Kaiser Chiefs: Happy cynicism. Could be single material, but it would be a waste on the general listening population. As the 9th Doctor would have said, "Fantastic!"

Try Your Best: Supposedly this is the band's possible answer to Oasis' Champagne Supernova(r), but I somehow think that's not entirely true. There's more to the song than that in my opinion. For instance there's an absolutely golden moment for a truly wicked guitar solo. Besides those superficial things, this song begs to be listened to over and over again. I can't really say anything else about Try Your Best. It's just one of those songs you have to listen to yourself.

Retirement: No one likes to work. Even if you're bloody famous and you love your job, inside each and everyone of us is a lazy little shit. That is what this song about, giving into the lazy shit that resides inside you. A great fist pumper and if Kaiser Chiefs hadn't already recorded OMG or IPAR a perfect concert ender. The chorus though, is pure genius as is the false ending. My second favorite on the album.

:sigh: I'm done. So, here for your delight and pleasure, a fifth link to listen to the album yourself. Also a real life review of the album from our friends at This is Fake DIY, an article from Wikipedia about the real Highroyds and an article from NME about how fucking awesome Kaiser Chiefs are. Actually it's not about that, it's about how Ruby has finally ousted Mika from his number one spot on the singles chart in the UK. Also, it's the band's first number one so yay!! I'm going to listen to YTAM again, just for the hell of it. Enjoy!

Update on Snow

It's fucking white outside my window, except for the trees. They're white and brown. Nonetheless, it's fucking white outside.
In major fangirling news: Someone (lizzilupin) on youtube posted the episode of "Nevermind the Buzzcocks" that R was on (not the one he hosted, I have that) which means I'll have something to entertain me later on in the day when I'm bored out of my fucking mind. Yay!
And now one more time with feeling...IT'S WHITE OUTSIDE


I'm cleansing my palate, so the rest of the review will come later. And by cleansing, I mean listening to things other than Kaiser Chiefs, which is actually a lot easier than some might think. For instance, right now, I'm listening to the Killers and then next song is Tainted Love. See? I do listen to other bands.
I was deviantart because I like checking the doctor who search and rather unsurprisingly this pretty piece is still the most popular piece. Glancing over the page though I found a neat little piece that makes me laugh. So here it is:

It only plays through once, which is unfortunate, but it goes fairly slow so you'll be able to read all the wonderful text. Anyhoo, enjoy.
It's snowing again just by the way. Damn annoying if you ask me. My shoulders were just starting to feel better. Oh well. Shit happens.


Yours Truly, Angry Mob --- Kaiser Chiefs, Pt 2a

Now for my 410th entry I present a song by song analysis of Yours Truly, Angry Mob. Enjoy!

We are the angry mob/ We read the papers everyday/ We like who we like/ We hate who we hate/ But we're so easily swayed/ We are the Angry Mob

Ruby: A love song. Actually, an unrequited love song, which makes it better. A good lead off single because its closer in style to Employment than some of the other potential singles on the album. All in all a very simple song with a goofy chorus and a highly redeeming middle eight. Lets move on shall we?

The Angry Mob: A war cry for the disenchanted masses. A song with two different choruses that ends with summation of what the whole song is about. "We are the angry mob...But we're so easily swayed." Drunken brawls and declaration of sheep-hood. The best song on the whole album in my opinion.

Heat Dies Down: So you start with talking about a relationship and a cheating boyfriend (I have no idea how you know/When I dip my toes in other people's oceans). According to interviews the chorus refers to fame backlash, which makes sense when taken by itself. Within the song though, the chorus doesn't make too much sense. The song ends with the end of the relationship and the boyfriend saying "Because I have a wider knowledge of the world/I just can't face another argument/About the rent." A good contender for being made into a single and a good overall song that's fairly representative of the whole album.

Highroyds: First things first: OMG drug reference!! Though he could be saying that some girl still has his dinner money, but I like the idea that it's dealer money, far more fun. A fun fluff song that might be more, if only I could understand more of what Ricky was singing. I suspect it's mostly about the boys when they were young. Fun fluff basically, not that there is anything at all wrong with that. Oh and there's lots of "ooh"ing which is terrif.

Love's Not A Competition (But I'm Winning): Twinkly stars start out the song and then there's a fucking acoustic guitar and more twinkly stuff. Second verse brings in awesome drum rolls that make me slightly more giddy than I was seconds before. There's a higher single string guitar part that plays throughout the song that adds to the whole calm atmospheric feeling. The last part of the song ends with Nick and Rick singing two different parts over each other. What the hell is the song you ask? Here: Love's not a competition and I won't be the one to disappoint you anymore. That's what the song is about. One of the slower tracks album, but very fabu.

Thank You Very Much: Being famous can kind of suck. You have people nitpicking your whole life and adoring fans trying to steal mementos and begging for pictures and to sign their boobs. And whilst famous star X is complaining about this, Kaiser Chiefs kindly remind them that everyone use to be the crazy fan begging for an autograph and screaming in your face. Yes it sucks, but just remember; You use to be one of them. "I just imagined I that I'm you/And there's nothing, nothing, nothing I can do."

Right, so the last seven tracks will be up either tomorrow or Monday. Enjoy the first halfish and don't forget to listen to the album yourself. See you tomorrow (or Monday.)

I'm Working

I'm working on my complete review of Yours Truly, Angry Mob but I have some article/stuff that I've been wanting to share with y'all so...here it is! Nothing too special and all fairly self explanatory.
Coxon Considers Blur Reunion? And the rumor train keeps on rolling.
Mika Celeb Fanclub Grows: Nore is shocked. Well, not that shocked.
Doctor Who, on drugs. I really wish this was true, and seems like it could be true. But it's not, sadly.
:sigh: Back to reviewing. Not that I really have the right to complain. And I'm not. I'm just lazy is all and don't want to work this hard. But at least I have a vaguely good excuse for repeatedly listening to YTAM. :)


Yours Truly, Angry Mob --- Kaiser Chiefs, Pt 1

Here's what the album is missing: Climax. The band tries their damn best to have climax points in all the right places, but given the fact that KC are not an orchestra and what I'm listening to is not a live performance, with some extra oomph, it ain't gonna happen. That's the problem with them forsaking the ooohs and aaahs that made them so famous; they can't reach that climax point. What so many pop and rock bands don't realize is that those cheesey sound effects are necessary to reach the heights listeners are expecting any given song. The overall effect of not having climaxes makes the album seem climax-less and flat. That feeling takes away from the utter brilliance that underlies "Yours Truly, Angry Mob." My boys have grown up quite a lot since "Employment" but it seems that without Rick's trade-mark screams, the songs never reach the climax this listener is expecting.
Here's what the album has in spades: Guts. Musically speaking Kaiser Chiefs have matured since 2005, maybe not as drastically as some of the critics have said, but what has truly matured, a whole hell of a lot, are the lyrics. The lyrics, always an important part for me, have moved away from "Yeah, we're going to get drunk, and the world is crazy and we're crazy, etc." to "My fucking god, we've seen the world, and it's a whole hell of a lot bigger than Leeds." The subjects of the songs vary from fame backlash to ending relationships, but they all portray a growing maturity that one would expect and hope for in a second album. Some of the songs, as this band is want to do, don't make a lot of sense, but this may be because I'm only getting 85% to 90% of what Rick is singing. I can tell you this though; If I had no idea who Kaiser Chiefs were and heard "The Angry Mob" I would buy the album, no questions asked.
Highlights of "Yours Truly, Angry Mob":
The Angry Mob
I Can Do It Without You
My Kind of Guy
Everything is Average Nowadays (Modern Way's sucessor)
Try Your Best
I swear I'll have more tomorrow. I just need to listen to the album a few more times (even though I've listened to it three times) so that I can get all of the lyrics. I promise there will be a second part. For the mean time if you'd like to hear the album yourself here's a link. You might need an nme.com account (I have one, so I don't know), but it's free so not too much of a bother. I would definitely recommend listening to it yourself.




Just Writing for the Sake of Writing

We started writing vignettes in creative writing. Ms. B-A told us to write about a moment we could write about in detail. We were told to make a list of 10 events, then pick two and write ten things about each. I picked having Mr. Sharp kick me in the bum in math last year and discovering KC. I decided over my mini-break to write about KC because I love them ever so much. So today I wrote the vignette and realized something: Kaiser Chiefs, in their own small way, significantly changed my life. I also remembered that I'm mad about the boys and that I really need a life. Looking over my journal entries I've written 88 entries, not including this one. KC seems to pop up in the oddest places and there is a trend toward obsessive. I'd say starting around the time they won those 3 Brit Awards, though my crush on R started earlier. It's all so odd and wonderful. And the thing is, they are my favorite band, they did change my life, and I'm not ashamed to say I'm a fangirl. I'm not better than other fangirls, I'm not a worse person because I'm a fangirl, and I'm certainly not a worse person for loving a band. :sigh: Now why won't they release YTAM sooner in the States???

Fucking Genius

Now that I have my all my pent up rage against my history class out in the open (not that my other 6 classes will be saved...) I have to post this. Not because I agree with the big text portion, but because the quote is fucking genius. Mind you, I'm still a hypocritical music snob, but this does not stop me from denying the genius of what Mr. Way has to say. I don't like (but don't hate) MCR, but Gerard has it right.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Touche Gerard, touche.

Story Time!

We'll all know that I've gone over the deep end when I talk about buying a machete. Enjoy the story kids!

With a machete in her right hand and a hand gun in her second right hand (newly added for better weapon wielding) Nore jumped into the her history class declaring in a loud and shrill scream, "You're all gonna die motherfuckers! Except you Jackie, but you should leave now, just in case." Having thusly prepared the class for their deaths, Nore put her headphones on and turned on her mp3 player. "Ah yes," she murmured, "Everyday I Love You Less and Less, how perfect. MWHAHAHAHAHA." In 15 minutes (approximately 4 songs) the once boring classroom was turned into a shimmering ruby of blood. Arms and legs were scattered everywhere, blood and guts glistening in the harsh fluorescent light. Amidst this scene of carnage, Nore sat contentedly bobbing her head up and down to the beat. Every few seconds a hint of melody would stream through the woman's half opened lips, just a few words here and there. There had been no screams, no gun shots had been heard. It took the police a hour to even find out about the grizzly massacre. When asked why she had committed this haneous act Nore simply said "I don't know. I guess I just snapped. If only everyone hadn't been acting like such twats, I wouldn't have had to kill them. But they were acting like twats, so I had to."


What the F*** is 4-4-2?

I only know that it has something to do with soccer/football. Anyway, that's not the point. The point is this article on DiS which I found quite funny because it could be related to football (I assume) as well as the music scene. Yes, obviously the players are musicians, but read the descriptions and you'll see what I mean. I know the majority of the people on the list, even if I haven't listened to anything by them, so overall the descriptions seemed fairly accurate. I particularly thought Alex Turner's description was very apt. Mostly though, I just love when music people do this kind of shit. It's always so interesting what they have to say.
Speaking of people saying things, DIY (the lucky little shits) have "Yours Truly, Angry Mob" and so have decided to let us mere mortals in on the fun. This does not mean we get to listen to album, no we get to read a track by track description of it. I was so excited when I saw the headline "First Listen!" because I assumed I would actually get to listen. Sadly this was not the case, though the descriptions did leave a huge fucking grin on my face and a prayer in my heart that NME will do with YTAM what they did with "Empire" so I'll get to listen to it for a whole month before its release in the States. :crosses fingers:
I tend to not talk about politics, not because I don't care, but because I don't pay attention. That doesn't mean I don't care though. I only really care though when rock stars and Al Gore decide to do things like talk about their political opinions, or copy Bob Geldof, which ever applies. You see, British pop/rock stars have decided that their new pet cause is nuclear disarmament in the UK. Now I'll admit, the only reason I even paid attention to the article was because Kaiser Chiefs were in the headline, but that doesn't mean I didn't read it. I did. And the rock stars, or at least 53 British bands, want the people to say no to nuclear weapons. Which is a nice idea and I'm sure that the fact that so many popular bands are against this will make some small difference, but honestly? Doesn't matter. Russia, that wonderfully huge country at the top of the world, has nukes and so does the US. The UK may be small, but as The End of the World taught us only Australia wants to live on this Earth without nukes. At least that's the message I got. So yeah, nuclear disarmament ain't happening UKers.
Now for some cool reviews from DIY: Pigeon Detectives and Kaiser Chiefs. Because of these reviews I've decided two things: I'm going to start calling the Pigeon Detectives, t'Pigeons and that all good music (with some obvious exceptions) comes from Northern England and Scotland. :nods: Now go listen to t'Pigeons and t'Chiefs!


Hell Hath No Fury...

Nor Hell a fury, like a woman scorn'd.
WHY DON'T I LIVE IN LONDON????????? WHY DO ALL THE BEST BANDS DO COOL THINGS IN LONDON????? WHY WON'T VIRGIN RADIO TELL ME WHEN THEY'RE PLAYING THE GODDAMN FUCKING BLOODY ACOUSTIC SET??????? :twitch: I also hate the fact that I'm so obsessed that I really was screaming in my head about this whole thing. :sigh: But I love them anyway. Even if I don't live in London and all the really cool bands do cool things in London and Virgin Radio sucks ass.
Strange side note. Why is the phrase "suck ass" instead of say "suck dick" or balls? Hmmm...I really shouldn't be thinking about that.
So yeah...still sadly obsessed

A Small Minority of People Updateu on Sundays

That small minority would include the lovable Nick Hodgson who decided to update the band blog today. Reading his entry brought two questions/thoughts to my mind. The first was, "What the fuck is this guy on?" The second was that the entry reminded me of something I said awhile ago: "From now on I will always assume that rock musicians are either high or drunk constantly." All in all though KC's attempts at this blogging thing are rather amusing and in some small remote way remind me of when I first started blogging. Mind you I was much younger and not at all famous, but still, very similar.
Someone else who updated, not today, but yesterday, was Kirkland Ciccone. The DIY site updated its self yesterday and along with that came two new columns from Mr. Ciccone. The one that I liked particularly was on defining what kind of music the Klaxons make. In reading the article I was reminded of how very desperately I want to be Mr. Ciccone and I also made the decision that a lot of cool people come from Scotland and/or Northern England. Honestly though, I really, really want to be Kirkland Ciccone. Really.
And now for random links to articles I've read over the past few days!! Huzzah!
A Pitchfork drinking game. Alcohol can be substituted with diet Coke if necessary. Lily Allen gets in a fight. No one is shocked. Summer concert etiquette, or something I don't have to worry about. Read all the articles in this link. The reviews of this Dr. Who story arc are hilarious and make me want to see the episodes so badly. :sigh: I love the Doctor. Hot Fuzz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Watch the trailer and prepare yourself for April 13th.
:breathes out dramatically: Now that I've gotten all of those articles out of the way I can go back to wondering why people hate updating on Sundays so much. And what the hell Nick was on when he wrote that entry.



Snow days suck. As do green-eyed monsters, Windows Internet Explorer, f-ed up computers, and Madame Bovary. Mainly, though, snow does suck because I've got shite to do and my Dad's using my computer while his is being fixed. So I have none of my links, none of my privacy, and I had to download Firefox because I was so frustrated with Explorer and couldn't take it anymore. Of course I'll have to uninstall it before I shut down this computer (the main one) because I use it so infrequently and mums and dad don't care for Firefox (for some bizarre reason). Other things that suck are therapists, men, and not living in the right country. But these are constant complaints (for the most part) so there's no need to dwell on them. I'll just be incredibly glad when I'm gone from this house. So very, very glad.

So Much Pain

I'm still in pain from shoveling ice/snow yesterday (damn you lactic acid!!) but I've got things to share, so I'm going to share them dammit. Besides, if I share all of these happy things before I go talk about last weeks events with the Farbster, I'll have happy things in the back of my head, as if that makes any sense. Also I have some things to look forward to. So on to the happy things!!
The Brit Awards were last night and unsurprisingly Arctic Monkeys won the major awards they were nominated for. DiS have an excellent little article with a full list of the winners and some very amusing commentary as well. Hopefully YouTube will have the Monkeys' acceptance speeches, because honestly I really want to see Alex Turner as the Scarecrow. And the whole band as the Village People. Oh, so funny.
Bloc Party did something very unexpected. They cracked the Billboard Top 20. They're British and not Coldplay or U2. I'm in shock. This does bode well for KC though, which means they might make more stops in the States. But congrats to Bloc Party!
Good Weather for Airstrikes posted an excellent list of artists who they predict will be big in 2007. I was mostly pleased with the list, except for Mika who makes me cringe, but I hope that Derek is right about the majority of the list. Especially Lily Allen, Air Traffic, and Maxie Poo, and horribly, horribly wrong about Mika.
Lastly, I've decided that instead of doing beach week at the end of my senior year, I should go to Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival. Sure I might not know the majority of the current lineup, but Franz Ferdinand is going so who cares!! Now I just have to convince the parents the at 19 I'll be old enough to fend for myself at a festival in Tennessee. Tricksy.


Learning to Play the Piano with the Far East

For those of you interested in the musicality of certain things, parallel (aka one right after the other) fourths are very Asian sounding. Also, "A" natural, "C" natural, and "E" natural make a minor chord. Finally, the Pigeon Detectives need to fucking release an album anywhere so that I can have all of their pretty music. Ditto with Air Traffic.
Yahoo! Music Jukebox tech support is the best possible tech support in the world. I emailed them about a problem I was having with my player about 2ish hours ago and I got an email from them and they fixed the problem! So now I can have "Trains to Brazil" without having to buy and import at ridiculously high prices!! I'm so happy. I can also have Air Traffic, the Pigeon Detectives, the Pipettes, Regina Spektor (legally), and the Arctic Monkeys' EPs!! Huzzah Yahoo! Music Jukebox tech support!!!
Now for some Doctor/Ten-Inch fangirling:
MY SUMMER WILL BE BLISS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh my goodness I'm so excited!!! I was seriously thinking I would not see the new series until I was back in school, but now I'll be able to view it over the summer, when I'm sure to have the Sci-Fi channel. Much happiness.
Read the captions. They had to the wonderfulness of this post. I mean, cor is Ten-Inch ever hot. The seventh picture down just epitomizes what makes Ten-Inch ever so wonderful. Besides his accent.
Another online petition, accept this one has absolutely nothing to do with changing a person's looks. On a side note, if I get a Ten-Inch I would also like a Ricky. :evil perverted thoughts: I'm so horrible.
That is all. :)


That Smile

Here's the whole entry posted by that_heather. That's it.
See Twiggy? This is why I can't get over him!


DeviantArt Diving

Lookie what I found!! Twiggy would die if she saw this!! Yay for the Doctor!!

This first part by dracothan. Here's some background information: Ten-Inch (as I believe I've pointed out) is Scottish, so some of what he says in this comic is Scottish slang. The artist is also Scottish, so it's authentic. Teehee...Scottish slang is cool.

As for the characters, the Doctor is the Doctor, John is Joseph Merrick, Billie Piper is Billie Piper/Rose, and Amy is the artist.

This next one (and the last unfortch) is by JesIdres whose done other Doctor fanart, as well as Discworld fanart. She's neato.

The characters are (from left to right) Casanova, the Doctor, and Carlisle (from Blackpool)

So that's it for today mateys. I've got some work to do, which I probably won't do. But yeah, have fun with the Doctor!


Just for Shits and Giggles

So my day was boring, which is normal for the weekend. And most days of the week. Nonetheless, I'm going to recount the days events as I wait for my download to finish (just 11 more minutes left!) and because I'm bored. And I don't want to practice. Right, shall we continue?
So I woke up, had breakfast and read some articles in this weeks Newsweek. I then preceded to laze around on my computer and wish my sister a happy 21st birthday. Sometime after that mums and I went to get lunch (Five Guys) and I noticed that I was incredibly thirsty. Went home, had lunch and a diet Coke, then waited for mums to finish what she was doing on the computer so that we could go get my contacts and have my glasses adjusted. Went, did that, got dad guitar strings, then proceeded to the Oakton Music and Arts store to get him earplugs. Finally we arrived back home and I got myself a huge glass of water because I was thirsty again. I read Entertainment Weekly cover to cover (kind of) and then got back on my computer. Somewhere in there I thought about the aftermath of a certain situation and came to the conclusion that I came to yesterday, which is to fuck it all and live my life. I then read bits and pieces of an article on Wikipedia about Casanova and read the whole article on Wikipedia about Madame de Pampadour. I searched for "Blackpool" a miniseries with Ten-Inch in it, found that it really hasn't be released in the states and bookmarked a link to the amazon.co.uk for the dvd of "Blackpool." Did some more shit, had mums tell me that I needed to practice my clarinet, found a really good icon to add to my Doctor Who collection (It's Sonic!), and then found that someone had made a mix that had this song I really wanted and that the link for just that song doesn't work, so now I have finished downloading the whole damn thing so I could have that song. And now I have pretty graphics too, quite the bonus. So off I go to pratice. Yay.

Random Shite

Friday Five
1. If you were a crayon, which color would you want to be?
Green, any shade

2. Which color do you think you would be regardless of what you wanted?
Green, any shade

3. Would you rather be used and get blunt, broken and lose your wrapper, or not be used and stay pristine?
Used, because green is the best

4. Would you rather be in a small set of crayons or a large set?
I think I would like to be in a set of all green crayons, though actually I prefer coloured pencils

5. Would you rather be Crayola, or a different brand?
I like Crayola, so sure why not be Crayola?

A Comic About Franz Ferdinand (actually it's about Alex Kapranos, but close enough)

Maximo Park's New Video

Random Meme
1. What Curse Word Do You Use The Most?
Shit, fuck, bloody, twat

2. Do You Own An Ipod?
no, I have a gigabeat

3. What Person On Your Top 8-12 Do You Talk To The Most?

4. What Time Is Your Alarm Clock Set To?
When my mums wakes me up

5. Do You Wear Flip-Flops When It's Cold?
fuck no, that's just crazy

6. Would You Rather Take The Picture Or Be In The Picture?
take the picture

7. What Was The Last Movie You Watched?
ummm...Ruby in the Smoke? Does a Masterpiece theater movie count??

8. Do Any Of Your Friends Have Children?
not in reality

9. Has Anyone Ever Called You Lazy?
oh yeah, many, many times. I've even called myself lazy

10. Do You Ever Take Medication To Help You Fall Asleep?

11. What Cd Is Currently In Your Cd Player?
I don't know...haven't used a cd player in forever

12. Do You Prefer Regular Or Chocolate Milk?
chocolate, but I mainly drink regular

14. Has Anyone Told You A Secret This Week?

15. When Was The Last Time You Had Starbucks?
when I got my fringe trimmed, so like a month ago, or so

16. Can You Whistle?
yup :whistles:

18. Do You Think People Talk About You Behind Your Back?
hopefully not

19. Did You Watch Cartoons As A Child?

20. What Movie Do You Know Every Line To?
none, just random quotes from different movies

21.Have You Ever Done The Dirty In A Field?

23. Do You Own Any Band T-Shirts?
Beatles, WAS, Arctic Monkeys, Keane, the Killers and 3 KC shirts

24. What Is Your Favorite Salad Dressing?

25. Is Anyone In Love With You?

27. Ever Cry In Public?
4th grade

28. Are You On A Desktop Computer Or A Lap Top?
lap top all the way

29. Are You Currently Wanting Any Piercings Or Tattoo?
a tattoo

30. Whats The Weather Like?
absolutely freezing

31. Would You Ever Date Anyone Covered In Tattoos?
depends on the definition of "covered"

32. What Did You Do Before This?
listen to mums talk to Sophs, play solitaire

33. When Was The Last Time You Slept On The Floor?
dunno actually

34. How Many Hours Of Sleep Do You Need To Function?

35. Do You Eat Breakfast Daily?

36. Are Your Days Full And Fast Paced?
no not really at all

37. Do You Pay Attention To The Calories In The Package/Box?

38. Do You Use Sarcasm?
are you joking?

40. Are You Picky About Spelling And Grammar?
depends on my mood

41. Have You Ever Been To Six Flags?

43. Do You Get Along Better With The Same Sex Or The Opposite?

44. Do You Like Mustard?
sure, but not a lot

45. Do You Sleep On Your Side, Stomach Or Back?
side, side, side, side, and then the other side

46. Do You Watch The News?
I watch the daily show

47. How Did You Get One Of Your Scars?
fell off the toilet and hit my chin on the sink

48. Who Was The Last Person To Make You Mad?

49. Do You Like Anybody?

50. What Is The Last Thing You Purchased?
Lily Allen's debut


A Declaration of My Intentions

This past week has reminded me why relations with people are aggravating, annoying, and at times needlessly complicated. It also reminded me why imaginary relationships are so much easier to deal with. Unfortunantly I can't avoid real relationships, but thankfully the ones I have now are fairly simple, especially if I don't fuss around too much. I don't like drama, never have, never will, and so I'm forsaking anything dramatic. I feel better when I'm not having mental break downs and hissy fits all the time, so I'm just going to kiss off the dramatic and focus on me. That means Dr. Who, Kaiser Chiefs, British rock music, and Terry Pratchett will reign supreme with my friends giving me the added bonuses of manga, anime, yoai, pervertedness, and insanity. I like it better that way. So much simpler. The only drama I like is the kind not involving me and more than likely involving the Gilmore Girls. So much more fun. So there, a declaration of my intentions. I feel so much better now.
And now, lyrics:
All songs by Air Traffic
Never Even Told Me Her Name
Suzy was a glad-rag-clad clown run-around
Never even told me her name
But I found it in a half-burnt pin-up Polaroid
Smiling through the wall at her place

Looking at her bed, I sat
Sucking on a cigarette
Wonder why I bothered to chase
When I'm tired of making time
I'm tired of making time

So I slip away on the story line
I heard you on the Radio
you were screaming out
you grabbed me by my Heart and soul through the speakercone electric hands and
Touched my face seemed to say
we are here,we are

Suzy tried to call said
"I'm not waiting for You to come and sweep me away"
It isn't that I don't care
I'm just all wired up
Trying to think of something to say

Clinging to a credit card
Waiting for the phone to stop
Take me back to heaven again
'cus I'm tired of making time
I'm tired of making sound

So I slip away on the story line
I heard you on the Radio
you were screaming out
you grabbed me by my Heart and soul through the speakercone electric hands and
Touched my face seemed to say
we are here,we are

Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh

Don't stop Don't stop I'm coming
Down where I can find my feet again

So I slip away on the story line
I heard you on the Radio
you were screaming out
you grabbed me by my Heart and soul through the speakercone electric hands and
Touched my face seemed to say
we are here,we are

Just Abuse Me
I never knew you
But now I'm haunted by your past,
How long will this last?

I thought you loved me,
You say you love me,
Loves just a shadow that you cast.

And all my dreams come round in threes always
Im independent but I'm tied to you
You lied to me, I'd die for you
But I can't read your mind.

I'm lost without you
An empty feeling deep inside
I want to run and hide

I'll let you use me
And just abuse me
But girl I want you to be mine

And all my dreams come round in threes always
Im independent but I'm tied to you
You lied to me, I'd die for you
But I can't read your mind.

And all my dreams come round in threes always
Im independent but I'm tied to you
You lied to me, I'd die for you
But I can't read your mind


Dont Cry
Just Let It Pass You By
Ill Be By Your Side
Each And Everyday

Let Go
You Gotta Lose Control
Teach You How To Roll
Never Be The Same

oooh oooh oooh
oooh oooh oooh

Cause Am Wasted
Face Down On The Floor
Cant Take Anymore
Gave It All Away
Lately I Cant Find The Eyes
Help Me Realise
That Am In Love
Am In Love Am In Love

Losing,Am Losing All My Fame
I Cant Stand The Days
That Am Alone
Tell Me Do You Feel The Same
And Are You Glad I Came
Can I Walk You Home

oooh oooh oooh
oooh oooh oooh

Cause Am Wasted
Face Down On The Floor
Cant Take Anymore
Gave It All Away
Lately I Cant Find The Eyes
Help Me Realise
That Am In Love
Am In Love Am In Llllloooovvve

Your Face My Place
Your Face My Place
Your Face My Place At Night


Ending It

I can't do this anymore. It's just that simple. I can't lie to him, I can't pretend that I feel differently than I do. I know it will hurt him, but it's killing me, so I'll be selfish and just tell him the truth. If there were a nice way to say "I've lying to you, I don't feel that way about you" I would, but there isn't a nice way. There's just the truth. It hurts, but it's better than being lied to. And there's no easy way to explain things, nothing that can be said to make it easier for him or for me. But my gut and my nerves will kill me if I don't just admit the truth. So I tell him the truth, crush his soul, break his heart, calm my nerves and know that in some small way I'm better than the person who broke my heart. At least I'll have that.


The Same Song and Dance

In checking my sites this morning I saw a headline on NME that chilled my blood and gave me flash backs to Brandon Flowers before "Sam's Town" was released. It read "Kaiser Chiefs condemn current indie scene." I just kept thinking "Please let Rick not have said, please let it have been one of the other band members." I didn't read NME's blip about what they said, instead I read DiS's take on it. First of all it was Nick who said that the indie scene was shite, and secondly his main complaint was that there isn't anything original about the scene. Which, interestingly enough is very similar to the complaint I made while I was only listening to the Beatles, that everything sounded the same.

In light of this I thought "Well what are they saying about their supports? That they aren't any good or something? And aren't they part of the indie scene (as DiS pointed out)?" So many questions, so few answers. I then decided that the best route to take would be to listen to some of these new bands that are so "average" and make up my own mind about the new indie scene. I haven't made a decision yet, but I do know one thing: If a band called the Twang is the next big thing in Nick Hodgson's mind, thank God 7digital is giving 30 second previews of the songs on their new album because otherwise "Yours Truly, Angry Mob" would be coming under some very hard scrutiny from this listener.

On a related side note, have I mentioned recently that I'm an music snob and no, I don't care that I am? Because I am a music snob and I don't care that I am. I have my taste in music and Mika ain't it. God Sophs is aggravating.


In the Orchestra Room

I'm sitting here, mostly bored, listening to everyone talk around me. It's rather fun actually. Anyway, that's not the point. The point is that I'm so bored that I'm looking at Metacritic.com's upcoming release schedule and found this out: Kings of Leon and Maximo Park release their album on the same day. Totally awsome. Also, Arctic Monkeys have given a release date for the States. It's the day after it's released everywhere else. So, let's see. In the grand total of brownie points I would say that Arctic Monkeys get...300 points. Kaiser Chiefs get...50 points and that's simply because their coming back to the 9:30 club and I love Ricky. Otherwise I think they would be in the negatives by now. So yeah. Arctic Monkeys might have to be my new favourite band. Maybe.
Well I better be getting off. Techincally I'm not even suppose to be on this computer, but ya know, Mrs. Thompson loves me. Hopefully she won't figure out that we've been using the computers this afternoon. :)


This is the Sound of My Brain Exploding

No, I'm not particularly stressed out at the moment (just residually stressed constantly), but I've got an awful headache from reading tiny print without my reading glasses for about two hours. Yeah, that was a good move on my part. Anyway, I've figured out that an exploding brain kind of sounds like a fizzle or something like that. But yeah, my head definitely feels like it's a very bad mood.
So, for some reason I decided to check things online this morning and in the course of things I found out that Arctic Monkeys are releasing their new album in April. Needless to say the first thing I did was secretly congratulate them on being much faster than Kaiser Chiefs at recording their second album. I then noticed that the only dates given involved Mondays, which is not when albums are released in the States. So, that begs the question when will the album be released in the states? I then checked my handy-dandy guide to all releases and saw that they had the April 23rd release date and a nice little note next to the album title: "UK only; US release TBD." I love Arctic Monkeys for being so damn quick, but the least they could do is tell me when it's being released here. Oh well, Arctic Monkeys get continual brownie points for having written "A Certain Romance.
This afternoon, as usual, I checked my music websites for interesting news, or any news of any kind. At DIY I also check the features section because they usually have something of interest for me to read. That's when I discovered this. I just looked at the headline and thought, "This is incredibly cruel" and proceeded to copy the link and not actually look at the real article. I don't know if I will because I'd go mad (or more insane than I am at the moment) listening to 30 second snippets of the new album. Absolutely bonkers. But we shall see, it is horribly tempting.
In other KC news, Radio 1 is holding a cruel little contest for tickets to a gig I wouldn't be able to go to anyway. The band had this to say about the whole thing, which I found amusing. Also today in the UK the band released "Ruby" digitally, which means that me and my illegal copy will be friends for a little while longer.
As for me? I had Broadway Night rehearsal which was dull and cold and lasted far too long. Not much else happened today really. Jackie freaked about Loghman's confession, but otherwise the day was very uneventful. As most days are. I like them that way. But yes, in just a little more than two days I'll finally get to relax a bit. All the stupid IB stuff I've been stressing about will be over and I'll get to concentrate on being horribly stressed out about getting into Mary Washington. What bliss.
Edit: I listened to the previews and I suggest you listen to them, but I will say this: Rick doesn't sing on one of the tracks. I'm not sure who it is (my guess is Nick), but I know it isn't Rick. Teehee. Happiness is Ricky singing.


My Three Hour Romance

At 11am this morning Loghman told me he likes me. About 20 minutes ago, Loghman told me it wouldn't work, family approval etc. In between I read, finished getting dressed, had lunch, looked at a dress, and played a few hands of solitaire. I worried a little about the fact that, for all intensive purposes, I was leading the poor man on, but mostly I was just reading. So there you have it folks my threeish hour romance with Loghman. At least he finally admitted the fact that he likes me. And now I don't have to worry about leading him on.
In other news I was looking around deviant art yesterday and founded some very interesting pieces of fanart, mostly to do with Doctor Who, but one concerning the Discworld series by Terry Pratchett. So here they are, for your enjoyment:

Homestar Runner as the 4th (and most famous) Doctor

The Doctors + Quotes

The major Discworld Characters

And now something for everyone who's read "Hamlet":
The Comedie of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark by reina_isabella. I know it's not a picture but it's fucking brilliant, even if you don't like/know anything about Doctor Who.
As one last thing before I say adieu, would you like a jelly baby? [Instructions: Scroll to the bottom of the linked page and enjoy]
Now, adieu


How To Recognize Different Types Of Trees From Quite A Long Way Away

I need a subtitle that reads: I'm a Jealous and Bitter Girl. Sadly neither of my blogging programs let me have subtitles, so you'll just have to imagine the subtitle underneath my Monty Python's Flying Circus stolen title. Anyway, moving on.
I've got a bunch of articles that I want to post tonight and each has a little story, kind of. So let's start with the one that reminded me of the Monty Python episode, that my title is stolen from.
I should have known it wasn't Ricky. Ricky, thus far, has always CAPSLOCKED his journal entries. Nonetheless I was hopeful. Instead I get a lot of "..." and very little Ricky. I must admit though, I was slightly jealous that Whitey met Simon Pegg, but otherwise, I was just disappointed it wasn't Ricky. Yes this does indicate insanity.
Speaking of the Meteor Awards I saw this on the Arctic Monkey's website and vaguely remembered them being nominated and being not at all surprised that they won. By this point I'll be shocked if any European music award shindig doesn't give at least one award to Arctic Monkeys. Very, very shocked.
I really, really "If Looks Could Kill." Honestly, I really, really do. So much so that I bought the friggin' album even though "If Looks Could Kill" is one of two songs that I like off it, just so I could have the song on my mp3 player legally. So I'm glad DIY like too. Yay for being of the same opinion yet again.
And now for the horrible green-eyed monster that lives in me and only comes out when someone gets to meet someone that I really wish I could meet, or does something I really wish I could do. That person is my age and is named Heather. And goddammit to hell she was at the KC listening party and has now met/seen Alex Kapranos twice in one week. Yes, I'm completely ridiculous. No, I don't care that I'm completely and absolutely ridiculous. I'm completely and utterly jealous of this woman, who is my age, and seems to have this ridiculously amazing life that involves listening parties and meeting uber-cool people who I admire from afar. Damn her. And damn R, just because. >_<
I need some angry music, but right now I'm listening to "Ruby" for the umpteenth million time this week. I don't think I even own any really angry music. But now would be an excellent time for some angry music. Oh well.