Too Busy, Can't Write

Told you I wouldn't be updating much. I've uber busy/dealing with the fact that my computer is as close to being useless as a computer can be. Honestly, I'm just writing this to prove that a) I'm alive and b) I haven't forgotten about my blog(s). Expect more silence over the coming weeks (at least until my LSAT class is over) unless something major happens. Like a meteorite crash or the US making it through the first round of the World Cup. Oh wait, one of those things actually happened. Anyway, just expect sporadic updates until August. And then expect sporadic updates after August because I'll still be studying for the LSAT and I'll be getting ready for my last year of college. :freaks out completely: And now back to writing questions for Gloria.


Busy Bee

I think my computer's dying. I've had it for many, many years (nearly as long as this blog actually) but I'm still attached this old thing and would be very sad if it is in fact dying. Either that or Symantec has f-ed it up entirely and therefore it's not dying, it's just very, very sick, which is still annoying. As I repeatedly told my Mom has she tried to make everything all better, all I want is for my computer to work and for it not to die. I have three babies (computer, clarinet, Zune) and I'm only happy when they all work and the fact that one of them isn't working properly makes me sad. Like right now, which is why I just want my computer to be better.
In other news I've decided to catch up on the fifth season of Lost. I watched the series finale and since Hulu is streaming the first five seasons until the end of the year (and I have nothing going on on Mondays and Tuesdays during the day) I figured, why not watch the fifth season? If I'm really bored I'll watch the whole thing from the beginning, but with my LSAT class giving me homework and a clarinet to practice I don't know if I'll have time to watch that much TV. Though we are talking about me, so you never know, I just might do it. We shall see.
So that's it. LSAT prep class on Tuesdays and Saturdays, clarinet lessons on Mondays, and work the rest of the non-Sundays (aka Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays.) It's good, I like keeping busy, at least when I'm at home. It keeps me away from the things that are wrong and can't be fixed in this house. So I'll keep busy, which probably means I won't be updating as much. But, as always, we shall see.


Back At Home

It's amazing how quickly you can slip back into a life. I've been home nearly a week and it feels like I never left. Granted the pile of winter clothing on my floor would beg to differ on that point, but the ease of which I've slipped back into the daily motions of my life here at home just seems ridiculous. I'm waiting to hear from Gloria and save for taking clarinet lessons and a LSAT prep course, this summer will be exactly like last summer. Despite spending five and a half months in a foreign country, it feels like nothing has changed. Except for the law school thing. Other than that, nothing's changed.
Obviously though, that's not true. Lots of things have changed, including my life plan and taste in music (kind of.) Everyone I know agrees that I'm more mature and more self reliant than I was before I left for London, though as with anything having to do with my own maturity I don't really believe that. I'm definitely more world weary and more prepared for life outside the comfortable life I lead with the help of my parents. I also know how to deal with airport security which is nothing to sniff at in my opinion.
And what about London? It wasn't what I expected. I think that largely had to do with the people I was roomed with for the first half of the semester and less to do with the actual city. I've often ruminated on this point and I honestly think that if I'd either been enrolled in a different program or had been housed differently to begin with, the way I experienced London would have been completely different. Despite what the British may want people to think the class system is alive and well and if you live in London that system gets shoved down your throat in a rather uncomfortable way every day, especially outside of central London. That isn't to say happiness can't be found in the city, you just have to be in the right place and around the right people (which entirely depends on your economic status or the what socioeconomic status you're use to mingling with.) A lot of what I did in London was amazing and hopefully that's what I'll remember in ten years time and for the rest of my life.
I'm glad to be home though. I like the life I have here and certainly appreciate it more than I use to (for the most part.) And maybe now that I'm home I'll start updating a bit more often. Maybe.