Outside Resources

I've got things to post, I've got things to post!! Yay for not actually having a life, but plenty of outside resources!!!

And he finally updates. :hugs: He's so cute I just want to hug him and squeeze him and...other things. >_> HE'S SO CUTE!!! I can't stand it.

The end of the last chapter finished with..."everybody wants a piece of Kaiser Chiefs". Read the whole thing if you have no idea of what happened after the release "Employment" or just want a nice recap of the past 2 years in the life of KC. Personally I can't believe that Filter has them as one of their "Artists to Watch." Honestly if you haven't been watching them, where the hell have you been?

Attack of the Titts!!!
Omg, when I read that I just couln't believe what I was reading. Mind you it took me awhile to move my eyes from the picture (see here) to the actual article, but nonetheless. Attack of the Titts. Not to be believed.

Well that's it my pretties. Go read the blog because damnit, it makes me happy. ^_^ Fangirls rock.


Good Mood

There are two reasons as to why I could be in a good mood. The first is that I've just gotten for the second time in two weeks. The second (and far more plausible) is that I've been watching more Ten-Inch clips on youtube (thank you Sophs) and am now listening to peppy music. British peppy music.
So Ten-Inch is dead sexy and I love Scottish accents. Or his Scottish accent specifically. Or just any accent found in the United Kingdom. Because honestly they're all sexy. But Ten-Inch is definitely sexy. Even with a beard and kilt. Or 90's floppy hair, very short hair, long side burns, no side burns. In fact even with contacts in that make him have scary blue eyes, he's still sexy. It's like R, sexy no matter what.
In other Doctor news, I went through the Outpost Gallifrey database of Dr. Who episodes to figure out who was who in that picture I posted awhile ago have come up with the following* list. I then discovered that the artist had kindly given us the list already which made feel like idiot, but soldiered on anyway to complete the list. Thus far the Doctor (including the one after Rose, even though that season hasn't begun) has had 19 female companions. I didn't bother with the male ones, or the "only lasted one freakin' episode" ones, or Barbara from the first Doctor. Basically anyone who wasn't from the comic isn't included. Still, that's a lot. The Doctor be pimpin'. :...: Anyway, here's the list
*Susan (the very first companion)
Dodo (what an awful name)
Elizabeth (otherwise known as Liz and also the first one in colour)
Sarah Jane Smith (becuase that's her name goddamnit -_-)
Romana II (she was a Time Lord, so she regenerated into a blonde)
Nyssa (how would pronounce that?)
Tegan (aaaahhhhh!! Tegan and Sara, god kill them all!!)
Peri (Teehee, she has a guy name)
Melanie (according to the description, she's obsessed with keeping the Doctor trim)
Ace (the last TV companion until Rose)
Grace (the main Dr. Who movie companion)
Rose (the one saying "I thought I was special")
Martha (The new one, aka not pictured)
See, a lot.


Friday Five and then an Announcement and then Some Links

1. Would you rather have a fun job that doesn't pay well or a boring job that does?
Fun job that pays me enough to by CDs and food. And pay the rent and such things. So I think my actual answer is the boring job that pays well.

2. Would you sacrifice your morals for a job?

3. Would you ever take a job that requires you to be in costume?
Possibly, though it would really depend on the costume.

4. What is your fantasy job?
Music critic for DIY. Or techie for KC. :drool:

5. Would you like fries with that?
No, thank you.

So, now an announcement. A rather medium sized one too. I got into CNU, my last choice, last ditch choice. I was more surprised that I found out so soon. I was expecting it later, like mid to late February. But no, I found out today, rather obviously. It was written (quite literally) all over the envelope. So that's rather exciting. I've now got two choices come May 1st. And I got UNO's out of the whole thing. So yay for me!

Now links. First some bad news. Certain uber-special people in NYC got to hear the KC album over two months early. The bastards. Also happening in NYC, tonight, the band is DJ'ing for the Filter Magazine club night. Continuing on this theme, should I or shouldn't I? That very last bit (If you're interested in working in the music industry some day, this is an excellent way to get started!) kind of makes wonder if I should. But then again, I want to be a music critic, so does that count as the music industry? I'll be at the show. I can be creative. Oh, I don't know! Damn you Kaiser Chiefs!!
This makes me both cry and laugh. But really, all I could think was "God, Pete Wentz is a twat." But then I read this and thought, "Yay for people who aren't Pete Wentz!" Yeah, I loathe that man.
This just in. Just read the article, thingy. And that picture just makes me sick. Or extraordinaryly jealous. You pick. Now I have to go read the Filter article on it. There looked like there was a picture of Rick. Oh god I'm obsessed.


They Only Come for the Festivals

Actually that's not entirely true. Some are releasing albums over here. Some won't admit they're coming for the festivals and are also releasing an album. Lots are doing both. Others are just coming for the festivals. All in all Coachella in California and South by Southwest in Texas are drawing a lot of bands, even bands that are suppose to be recording (I'm looking at you WAS and Arctic Monkeys.) It's quite nice in a way. Makes me think that the US should have more festivals. Something like that anyway. It's just been rather funny reading about all of these bands heading over here and releasing albums and the like. I know I complain a lot about bands not coming to the States, so it's a bit hypocritical to complain about the fact that they are coming, but still. I wish they weren't all heading over just for these festivals. Because lord almighty I get bored in the summer when everyone's in Europe and the UK. But at least I'll have good music to listen to.

One Big Entry of Stuff

Oh I've got stuff. Right here in Nore's City. So here's the stuff. There will be an entry after this about the invasion of bands for festivals, but this stuff has nothing to do with that stuff, and the previous stuff involves a lot of stuff. Stuff, stuff, stuff. Oh, and there's a Dr. Who comic too. Very funny. Here comes the stuff!

Kaiser Chiefs' video as reviewed by the people at DIY
Lily Allen pt. 1
Who's Mika? Or should I just be afraid?
Lily Allen pt. 2
And this is why I like the Guillemots

Dr. Who Comic!! OMG!! (you'll have to click it to make it larger)

With much thanks to Behind the Sofa who took it from bentlywg's blog, who got it from mimi-na. Woo. There got everybody. Enjoy!



I'm bored! Entertain me >_0 Elsewise...oh I don't know. I'll torture you with my opinion on the Russian Revolution and World War I including the stuff on the Versailles Treaty (otherwise known as the butt screwing of Germany). I demand entertainment for my poor beleaguered head. It's ever so tired. :dies:


A Prayer

Before I go collapse, here's something I found while I was being a slacker. I think it's only truly funny if you're really into the 10th Doctor, but it's sacrilegious, so that makes it funny too.

The Time Lord's Prayer

Our Time Lord
Who art from Gallifrey
Ten-Inch be thy name

Thy TARDIS come
Time is undone
On Earth & across the Universe

Give us this day our pre-danger/mid danger/post-danger hugging
And indulge us our 'bigger on the inside' squeeing
As we indulge those who *thud* amongst us

For thine is the specs appeal
The trouser and the oral (fixation)

Never say 'never ever'
The awesome of Rasillon

:giggle: I can't get over ten-inch. I'm such a child! Uhh...now to collapsing.
P.S. thanks to nightbeast who posted this in the tennant_love community.



I got my Kaiser book today. This makes me incredibly happy. The thing is stuffed to the brim with quotes from R, which makes me even happier. I'm bringing it to school tomorrow and plan on drooling profusely and making everyone look at it. Oh yes, I am a fangirl. Don't know, don't really care either. I just am. Makes me happy on the inside. Terribly good distraction too. In other KC news, they announced who the supports will be on the NA tour. Unfortunately for me, I got the short end of the stick. The Walkmen and the Annuals. Hopefully I actually end up liking them a bit. I could have had the Little Ones if I lived in a different part of the country, but alas I don't so it doesn't matter. :sigh:
I'm working on my writer's notebook at the moment so I'll end this quickly with some neato links.
Oh my God it's Charlie!! Or Charlie's cousin...Shuuuuuuuuun
Even if it's not exactly canon, it's still Hitchhiker's
Now back to my review of Vile Bodies. Oh I do love that book so.
Edit: Okay so the Annuals aren't too horrible. but the jury is still out on the Walkmen


I Know I'm Rambling

God I'm tired. I can't remember whether or not I took a nap or not, but God I'm tired. This song is far too long, I don't care if it's good or not, I can't listen to a song for this long. :skips: God I'm tired. It snowed today which was neat, except mums and I passed 5 accidents on the toll road, which is just ridiculous. I have the suspcion though that there will still be school tomorrow. If there isn't I'll be pleasantly suprised and try my damnedest to get as much work as humanly possible done. But I still don't think there won't be school tomorrow. It's not snowing right now. Looking at radar it doesn't seem like there will be jack tonight or tomorrow morning. Damn and I was so hopeful. I really should go to bed now. I'm so goddamn tired. Goodnight.


Kaiser Chiefs Bulletin

Now that I've allowed myself to calm down (while still being inwardly beyond giddy) I'd like to announce a couple of things for those of you who read this blog and are interested in Kaiser Chiefs. First of which is that the band has posted their American tour dates. Today. At 1:09pm (it was on their site, I'm not that scary). :tries not to explode: And they're coming here. As in the 9:30 club. In April. April 7th to be exact. Which is exciting. Very exciting. Very goddamn exciting.
That's one week and 4 days after the CD is released. I wonder if I'll be able to memorize the whole thing that quickly. This is a real challenge, because I have to know all the words or...Anyway.
My other piece of news is that they also posted the video for "Ruby" at 5:51pm on the website. It involves the building of a city around the band and the revealing of Nick's sideburns. I also have to note that sideburns, when in the wind, fly just like the rest of your hair, but it is far more amusing because...because it is. Anyway, it's a fantastic video and if you the directors style you should check out they're website because they've also done videos for Kaiser Chiefs (the second version of IPAR), Franz Ferdinand (This Fire), and The Zutons (You Will, You Won't), among others. Really, fantastic. Sideburns, miniature cities, Ricky. What more could you ask for?
So yeah. That's it. I'm an obsessed monkey. Now...to Writer's Notebook!!
On a small side, the blog has not been updated since it's first post. Oh how the famous fail at blogging. It's rather amusing.


What Nore Does When She Isn't Working

Actually this is what I do when I don't want to write a conclusion for my IA and I remember somebody posted a link to a youtube search for David Tennant and then I see him in drag and go "ooh" and then find all things related to David Tennant in drag. Anyway...There's a British tellie program called "The Friday Night Project" and Mr. Ten-Inch was on it last week, I believe, and somebody was kind enough to post the whole thing on youtube in five parts. I watched the majority of it and it's all very funny. So you should watch and waste a goodly amount of time. Ten Inch!! Oh Billie Piper is a genius. So here are the links:
Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5
Enjoy loves! I have to write that damned conclusion.
See, didn't I tell you I was a fangirl?


And Now a Word From Our Sponsors

When staring at icons of a person is an enjoyable way of wasting time, something is seriously wrong. When this is as equally attractive as this something must have gone haywire. And the fact that I'm willing to waste this much time finding pictures also says something about my character. Uh...too, too horrible darling, too, too horrible.


I've a little time and there are somethings I've been meaning to post, so here they are. There are some pictures and a few links. Enjoy!

Oh I hope this is true
Brit Awards! Not as exciting as last year though
Hair! Hair for everyone!

:sings to the tune of "I'm a Lumber Jack": I'm a crazy loon I don't care...

I'm officially a Doctor Fangirl, seeing as that's the Doctor's coat rack, incase you didn't know (like a normal sane person my age)


I'll never use this icon, but it reminds me of 8th grade...oh Albino Black Sheep, how you scarred me so

Back to work

I had the most awful dreams...

"I thought we were all driving round and round in a motor race and none of us could stop, and there was an enormous audience composed entirely of gossip writers and gate crashers and Archie Schwert and people like that, all shouting at us at once to go faster, and car after car kept crashing until I was left all alone driving and driving..."
Miss Agatha Runcible from Vile Bodies by Evelyn Waugh. And now dear friends I'm off to the races...
By the by today is Ricky's birthday. Happy Birthday R.


And They Wonder Why I'm Bitter...

:throws large blunt object in random direction: Ha! That's what you get you old maggoty son of a bitch wank. :twitch: And no this has nothing to do with KC and entirely to do with my hormones having a field day with my emotions for no apparent reason. Now where did that I put my spear...


So Damn Serious

They all look so damn serious and there's Whitey who looks like he's winking, but you can't be too sure. In a very odd way it makes me laugh, because I can't imagine KC being so damn serious. It's kind of like when the Doctor (10th) gets all hyper angry/serious. You can't take it seriously because not two seconds ago he was licking the damn door. :shakes head: At least I know they didn't start out seriously. They started out singing about boobs and booze.
Umm...let's see. I got into college. I'm still getting over that damn cold which sucks. I watched "Bright Young Things" which was incredibly enjoyable. Stars Emily Mortimer and David Tennant. Tennant plays a character nicknamed Ginger which just makes me incredibly happy for no real reason. In any event, there's not a lot going on. I do feel like such crap though. And I'm bored. Ugh.



Yes, dear friends, I got into college. In fact I got into Hollins University which is uber-exciting. Not only is this great new in general, but now I can say with certainty the year I'm going to be graduating in. I'm the class of 2011 bitches! So yeah. I'm in college. Kind of. I'm accepted at least, which is really fucking awsome. I'm going to go collapse now. Stupid cold.


Links with Telemann and a Rant

I'm listening to a movement of George Telemann's Canonic Sonatas. Tis pretty and very cool. I'm also going to be doing a presentation on Mr. Telemann sometime soon, and it's nice to listen to the inspiration for acting like a five year-old in music class. Yeah, I think I had a good reason. Anyhoo...
I read A Catcher in the Rye in 9th grade and hated it. I hated it because it was a stupid son of a bitch whining about absolutly nothing and then either trying to commit suicide or actually committing suicide, I can't remember at the moment. So when I saw this I smiled because it's true. That's exactly what Holden would have said. If it were at my high school it would, for the majority of the class, be true. For those of us who aren't "goddamn phonies" (uuhh I hate that word) we would all revolt and kill the little wanker. Because you know what? He's the fucking phony.
In Kaiser Chiefs news I found two articles about the little so and so's yesterday that I found amusing. First links to them and then the bits I found amusing: Oooooooh: New Kaisers album and Kaiser Chiefs Reveal New Album Details. The first article is from Drowned in Sound which is a British site, while the second one is from Filter Magazine which is American. What I loved about both is that they stick it to KC, but for different reasons. DiS says "So they'd better have something to show for all that time saved flogging the same, tired song for the last two years." The sad bit is that it's true. I've been listening to "Employment" for god knows how long. I have all the lyrics memorized, even "Teammate" which I don't like that much. "Yours Truly, Angry Mob" is very much like Franz Ferdinand's second album in that we, the fans, have been waiting for-fucking-ever for new material. Which leads nicely into my next quote from Filter: "Yours Truly, The Angry Mob will be released globally on February 26th, but sadly North America will have to wait or endure extortionate import prices as it’ll be available here on March 27th." North American fans, who got the first album later and didn't get nearly as many shows as Europe will have to wait longer than the rest of the world. Now I know I've complained about this before, but it doesn't change the facts. The North American fans get the short end of the stick consistantly unless we're willing to either pony up a shitload of money or compromise and deal with bootlegs. Now I have no problem with bootlegs (as a certain folder on my desktop can attest to) but not everyone has the capablities or resources to do as I do. So, not only has everyone had to wait an eternity for new material, but certain geographic areas have to wait longer than the rest of the world. The only bright side? "Yours Truly, Angry Mob" comes out the day after my musical investigation is due. As I said to Ms. Anastasio, it's like a little reward for me. I just wish it came sooner.


Selected "Ruby" Lyrics

So I've listened to this song 6 times (so far) and here's what I've come up with (save the chorus). This is chronological order, which isn't how it's written on the page at the moment, but anyway, onto the song!

Let it never be said that romance is dead...
There is nothing I need 'cept the function to breathe
But I'm not really fussed, doesn't matter to me...
Ruby, Ruby, Ruby, Ruby...
Know what you're doing to me...
Cuz there' nothing at all, 'cept the space in between
Finding out what you're called and repeating your name...

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww. It's a wuve song!! :huge fucking grin: And it's completely straight forward, except the middle eight which questions the whole thing (Could it be that you're joking with me and you don't really see you and me), but otherwise it's a plain old love song. :huge fucking grin again: I'm so happy. :D and <3 The neatest thing though is that it changes between major and minor, which is just so totally awesome and wonderful. God I love them!!!! Every last heart sick one of them. I'm so happy!!!!!!!!
If you want to listen to the song yourself, click on the following link, pick Monday (or latest show) and skip ahead to the 25 mark (should be 19:25:00 or something like that) and you'll hear a bit of background info (about 30secs worth) and then the song. Tis fabulous.

Kaisers Mark 2

Well it's beginning. Today was the first day single "Ruby" was played on British radio and the single is coming out in a month and 11 days in the UK and shortly thereafter "Yours Truly, Angry Mob" the band's second album will be released every where but North America. North America gets the album March 27th, a day more than a month later than the rest of the world. Now I could complain, bitch and moan and swear not to listen to KC ever again, but it's a bunch of bullshit. This is how the system works and I just have to suck it up. Now why don't I just buy it import? Because I don't know whether my purchase will count towards American sales. I doubt it and so I don't buy import. I want the band (as well as other bands) to realize that they have American fans and that maybe they shouldn't treat us like secondary citizens. Oh well. I can only do my little part. In any event, here's the link to the news item concerning the release of "Truly Yours, Angry Mob" which comes out March 27th. There's a tracklisting which looks exciting. So the slow progression goes. I truly hope they don't disappoint.
(As a side note the link page has a music player that starts automatically so unless you want to listen to a Kaiser song, just press the little block to stop it.)


Sunday, Sunday

I have two songs vying for attention now: "Sunday, Sunday" by Blur and "Monday" by the Mamas and the Papas. Anyway...onto the entry!
Stravinsky, as I may or may not have stated before, is the devil. I have about 2 good partial recordings and one really bad complete recording. I think I'll record it at Nancy's tomorrow or sometime after. I'm not recording it tonight because my mind is about to explode.
I'm tired. I'm annoyed with Mums because she's annoying. But "Ruby" is being played tomorrow sometime during Jo Whiley's show so I have something to look forward to. What else? Oh yeah, tomorrow's a blue day which is always a good thing. I'm off to early bed now. Nite.


The Website

As we speak I'm "preparing" myself to be initiated into PEO. God help us all.
Anyway, KC's website is really up and functioning now. I've saved one of the pictures that's on the site. I've also figured out how to read a "Thank You" list. Or at least, I know Peanut's last name which was a big help. It's kind of cute in a way. But they also have a blog. It's called the "Angry Blog" with a the sub-header reading "Everyday rants from Kaiser Chiefs." I laughed at that. I then preceded to read it and laugh some more. But I figure you should be able to enjoy it yourself so here's the link. Finally here's the picture I saved. Sorry for the quality, it's a screencap from Paint.

In other news I got an email from my admissions counselor at Hollins. Here's the important bit: "Our Admissions Committee will meet to discuss your application and I will be in touch with you in the near future." Oh dear god. That's all I have to say.
Now I'm going to play solitaire in preparation for being initiated. Oh, one last thing: Ricky is still a sex god. Yes I've said it; Sex God.


The Photo/Icon Competition Rages On

For previous numbers, check out the following entry: 4.23.06
I think there are some other entries about the competition but I'm too lazy to find them. Anyway, here are the numbers as of today:

Icons (because invariably I have more of them than pictures)
Dr. Who: 22 (:D and it's only been a few weeks at the most!)
Franz Ferdinand: 15
Hitchhiker's: 23 (which is a lot considering how no one makes HHGG icons)
Kaiser Chiefs (Ricky): 40 (Fucking Christ I didn't know I had that many)
Keane: 12 (they lose)
Misc. Bands: 15 (the same as Franz!)
Ok Go: 9 (nm, they lose)
Random: 42 (huzzah! More than Ricky!)
WAS: 9 (oooh it's a tie as to who loses!)

Pictures (where everyone else loses horribly to my obsession with Charles Richard Wilson and his band)
Everyone Else: 36 (not bad, considering what's coming next)
KC-Ricky: 64 (that's right 16 rows of 4, my fucking god)
Killers: 15 (why do I still have this folder? Oh right, Brandon Flowers use to be gorgeous)

Please note that save the icon competition, the competition is only between bands. It's more interesting that way.


:hand to forehead:

Check this. If it doesn't say "0 days to go" and shows like a real website, then you've missed possibly one of the funniest things ever. Well not ever but still pretty damn funny. By the by, it's 12:39pm in London. Which might account for the zero days, but anyway. I find it funny.
They've changed it as of 4:31pm EST today. Damn bastards...>_< I want the new website! Oh well...people have made new DW icons so I'll be happy.
They updated again (5:37pm EST). I'm just annoyed now. At least I'm listening to "Skip to the End" by Futureheads. Otherwise there'd be shouting.


A Pointless Gesture

This is a bit silly considering how 2006 is gone and past, but since I'm listening to good music right now, I thought I might "reveal" my song of 2006. It might come as surprise because it's not by Kaiser Chiefs. In fact it's by the Guillemots. My song of 2006 is "Trains to Brazil." That's it for the second day of 2007.

Calming Down From Being a Spazz

So I'm nearly done being a spazz. I've diverted my attention from KC to my other main obsession, Dr. Who, all in an effort to avoid Russian political history which is almost the same as Russian history. I've also been listening to things other than KC, such as the Jam, Guillemots, Arctic Monkeys, We Are Scientists, and Arcade Fire. I'm also eating chocolate but that has more to do with Russian political history than KC. In any event, I was reading a review of "The Runaway Bride" (the Dr. Who Christmas special) over at Behind the Sofa and found this to be very amusing. Just one little side note for those not obsessed with Dr. Who: Freema Agyeman is the actress playing the Doctor's new companion. Now onto the quote!
The Bumper Book of Made-Up Doctor Who Facts has this to say about The Runaway Bride: Russell T Davies is now so proud of his own work he's designed his car to look like the TARDIS so he can cause havoc on the motorway, has bought 800 pet spiders, and dresses up as Santa and shoots people, so that he can relive his favourite moments. So far 5 lawsuits have been filed, all by Freema Agyeman. David Tennant has spoken out in his defence, saying "She's just not used to him yet. I almost sued him last year when he came after me with a sword trying to cut off my hand, but then I realised that he was just playing make believe. What a scamp!"
Have a nice night.

I Took Notes

So I've listened to the radio program. These are notes I took. Keep in mind that a) I was hyper and b) I was also answering questions about Russian political history. God my head...

Musicians are huge dorks, no matter what anyone says
Not everything the clash did is solid gold good, or even copper good
Something happened and I couldn't here it, why isn't there a rewind button?
I'm a horrible person on the inside
Did I mention musicians are also loons? incoherent loons?
Fans are crazy too, including myself because I'm completely loosing it
The lead singer for Mumm-Ra sounds like a girl
From now on I will always assume that rock musicians are either high or drunk constantly
1990's- You're Supposed to be my Friend
Nick-grape/star fruit
Ryan Jarman is constantly drunk (at least)
"Hey Scenesters!" is a good song nonetheless
The Killers? What are they doing playing the Killers?????
Random commentary is good (I so totally love Ricky)
Do they realize their mics are on? Do they realize how mean they are?
Richard Swift - kisses for the misses
Ricky likes 17, Scrooged and Wallace and Gromit and hates cheese
I suck at solitaire when I'm hyper
:dies: No!!!!!! Evil gf
Weird music...
What is it with obvious sounding synth keyboard? Why does everyone love it so much?
Random question: Why would someone read a text that their girlfriend sent them on the radio and then answer it?
Ricky and Tapper have the same birthday!! January 17th!! Now I know for certain, since Ricky said it
Bye-bye...I'm going to kill the Russians now and their evil history

(Alright I did a little cleaning up for grammar and spelling. I can't help it! I like my entries to be readable.)

[mood| brain dead yet giggly while still being crushed and envious (evil gf)]


I go and listen to Ricky and Nick on BBC Radio 1 (huzzah archives!!) I wanted to post a couple of links. The first isn't so much for the comic (which is alright by Mata standards) but mostly for the "diary" entry. Read and laugh dear friends. The second link has to do with today's lunch conversation, when Mar tried to steal cookies from Matt and failed miserably at being ninja. Anyway, I found it funny and you might too. Have fun dearies!
And such is the nature...
You fail!
Now to R&N...


I Have Something to Emote

:sigh damnnit:
There. I've emoted. Even though the quality of the pictures are incredibly crappy. And tomorrow I will probably emote some more.
Me animal, you animal...

In Support of DIY

Since I don't know when (or more likely after I started listening to KC) I've been reading This is Fake DIY. They're a neat little outfit that is both entertaining and informative. Sure they don't have all the news and certainly not as quickly as NME but that's all right. They also rarely pay any sort of attention to American bands, save the ones that are in love with the UK or are really big (OK Go, the Killers, etc.) Kirkland Ciccone is my hero and with few exceptions I agree with their reviews. I trust them slightly more than NME but that's mainly because DIY's website is far easier to navigate than NME's. So when DIY suggests a band, I tend to pay attention. It isn't always easy, considering how British bands don't (never) release albums in the UK at the same time as in the US, so some things slip past me. Or I just forget that I was suppose to be paying attention to band X until I'm reminded again.
Such a reminder was given to me in DIY's end of the year wrap up. Everyone in the blogosphere does one in one form or another. Most music blogs do a top multiple of 5 list of CDs and/or songs of the year. Most of these lists are extraordinarily similar because everyone in the blogosphere listens to the same kind of music. Or something like that. Anyway, DIY decided to forgo that particular route and instead released a "2006: Top Stuff" list thing. I read this list with much bemusement and partial agreement. Some things I have no opinion because I either didn't see it (Celebrity Big Brother for instance) or couldn't listen to it (Girls Aloud and the Long Blondes' album). And then there was a little reminder in the form of this:
"No one buying Duels' album
Far be it for DIY to be accused of exaggerating, but 'The Bright Lights And What I Should Have Learned' is a pretty damn ace debut album. Unfortunately, shamefully few people seemed to have caught on to this fact. Even despite 'Brothers And Sisters' shockingly appearing on Final Score on BBC 1. Yes, we know, Duels aren't a band who look like they'd make a good 5-a-side team. Instead, there's always the hope 'What We Did Wrong' features on Strictly Come Dancing.
And I thought to myself, "Oh yeah. I meant to listen to that. I read the review. Hmm...I think I'll listen to that." So I have been and DIY is right. And the other thing is, is that they've released singles too, with songs that aren't on the debut. I haven't listened to that yet, but given the album I would be dismayed if it weren't ace too. If you want more information or to read proper reviews from DIY here are the links:
Opening for KC (always a good thing)
A review of their debut "The Bright Lights and What I Should Have Learned"
The omnibus of information on Duels at the DIY site
I don't do this too often, unless it's KC. So they must be pretty good right?