To Mar(s and Back)

Another weird day for Nore. First I had testing in the morning and due to my weekend (which I'll get to) I was completely out of sorts and couldn't remember Michelangelo (don't ask) and just generally felt really, really tired. Once the testing was I went back to school were I discovered no one was there. That's not true, it was just that a bunch of people were missing from my usual lunch table gang for various reasons so it felt like no one was there. And I so wanted to show off my sonic screw driver. Anyhoo, went to see Ms. Campbell about what I missed today and Thursday, instead got to find out why Jasmine had been calling me this weekend. I then preceded to feel like a complete shit because I didn't call her back last night when I got back home (which was around 9) from my weekend in Williamsburg. Ms. Campbell's news left me completely dazed which was fine because we didn't do anything in CW except pack books, which meant I got semi-sweaty, which I hate. Afterwards I was informed that I might be killed by Jackie tomorrow in history, but my feet still hurt and I took a hour and a half nap this afternoon so she can just suck it. I then went to chorus were we did nothing for what seemed like a really long time and then worked on a piece we are going to be doing for our final concert. Went home, took an hour and half nap and proceeded to watch "CSI," "Scrubs," and "30 Rock." So yeah, my day was really, really boring. :shock!:
So this weekend I went to Williamsburg to visit my sister and see Muse in concert. Turns out I left the tickets for the concert at home so there was some quick thinking and lots of annoying shit to be dealt with so I could see Muse in concert. The whole thing was general admission and so I got to pick out seats for Sophs and I, which was cool. I picked some really good seats that allowed for not only non-committance on our part as well as a good view of the band. But before I talk about the concert (which will be a brief review, partial set list, and bullet points) lets talk about all the walking I did!
First I walked to the bus stop so Sophs and I could take the bus to breakfast. Then we walked towards campus to get bagels and other grocery things, but ended up only getting shampoo, ear plugs, and feminine products. We then walked to Plan 9 were I got the Young Knives album Voices of Animals and Men which was uber-exciting since I've been wanting that album for ages. Then we walked to campus and saw an a Capella Christian group, who was really good, but Christian. Now I have no problem with Christianity or Evangelicals in general, but I don't like listening to evangelical pop music. But the group was really good and I tried to ignore the lyrics as much as possible, so a fairly good time was had by all. Then Sophs and I walked back to her apartment which has to be a good five miles from campus. I checked my email and such and then went out for ice cream with Sophs and her friend Laura who is my kind of crazy. Went back to Sophs' apartment and took a really long nap because I felt really sick and was tired. After said nap I took a shower and went to the concert. Huzzah!
So, Muse was the opening band for My Chemical Romance, which was interesting because I've never had direct contact with fans of bands like My Chemical Romance. Interestingly, they all looked the same. Black eyeliner, black super skinny jeans, black shirts, black hair, strange dye jobs, black Converse slip ons/high tops. I was wearing my green striped polo. Needless to say I felt a little out of place. So, onto the concert.
Once Sophs and I got settled in some seats (and after eating a cafeteria-esque cheeseburger) I prepared myself for the concert. Which didn't take much, mainly I just got my note taking paper and pen ready and tried to have a conversation with Sophs about my cultural observations. No luck there, but then the band came on, so all was good.
Muse have been lauded for their excellent live performances and I must say, they have every right to be proud. Even though they were the opening band, they were excellent and even for the songs I didn't know, I was not at all disappointed. I would really love to seem them as headliners, but I would not want to change the venue. Muse are one of those few bands that are really meant to be seen in an arena. They have the stage presence and charisma to really shine in larger venues. I couldn't imagine seeing them any other way.
So, now that I've done my quickie review, here's the partial set list. The reason it's only partial is because Muse have released four albums and I only know the songs from one of those albums. So there are some holes in my set list, which I will try to amend, but no promises. Anyhoo, here's the set list. Edit: With very much appreciated help from orangenoslide, I've filled in some of the holes in this list. Yay!
  • Knights of Cydonia
  • Unknown [really cool piano-intro] {Possibly Bliss}
  • Starlight
  • Change the world - Everything you are? [unknown] {Butterflies & Hurricanes}
  • Invincible
  • Supermassive Black Hole
  • Won't make you [unknown] {Time is Running Out}
  • ? [unknown, couldn't figure out a defining feature]
Now, my notes (yay!)
  • Tiny white and black man on stage
  • Camera phones record the events
  • Stoic bass, flashy guitar
  • Better in Britain [because you know it's true]
  • The diverse fans of MCR
  • 4th song piano middle 8/solo
  • outcome the lighters (Invincible)
  • Be impressed bitch [this was in response to Matt Bellamy, the lead singer/guitarist really showing off his guitar skillz {that's right with a z}]
  • Hey scenesters [I saw some girls who reminded me of indie-scene people and immediately thought of the Cribs song "Hey Scencesters!" What can I say?]
  • What the hell is Matt doing? [he looked like he was doing something entirely inappropriate with one of the speakers off to the side]
  • Destroy the stage!

After the Muse set, I got a t-shirt and suffered through about 4 MCR songs before Sophs and I decided to leave. We walked back to her apartment.
Alright, now I know this is one of my longer entries, but this last part is the most important part of the whole thing. I've been dedicating songs to the past 5 school years, but this song is dedicated to a close friend of mine. I'm not really that good with the whole touchy-feely stuff, but I want her to know I'm thinking about her. So anyway, this is to Mar.

"Float On" by Modest Mouse
I backed my car into a cop car the other day
Well he just drove off sometimes life's ok
I ran my mouth off a bit too much oh what did I say
Well you just laughed it off it was all ok

And we'll all float on ok
And we'll all float on ok
And we'll all float on ok
And we'll all float on any way well

Well, a fake Jamaican took every last dime with that scam
It was worth it just to learn from sleight-of-hand
Bad news comes don't you worry even when it lands
Good news will work its way to all them plans
We both got fired on the exactly the same day
Well we'll float on good news is on the way

And we'll all float on ok
And we'll all float on ok
And we'll all float on ok
And we'll all float on alright
Already we'll all float on
Now don't you worry we'll all float on
Alright already we'll all float on
Alright don't worry we'll all float on

And we'll all float on alright
Already we'll all float on
Alright don't worry even if things end up a bit to heavy
We'll all float on alright
Already we'll all float on
Alright already we'll all float on
Ok don't worry we'll all float on
Even if things get heavy we'll all float on
Alright already we'll all float on
Don't you worry we'll all float on
All float on


Something for me




Rock/Soul/Progressive:1955 a.k.a my soulmate class. Just read the description and tell me, does this not sound like me? Dear god, so perfect, so, so, perfect. Anyway, I just wanted to share that with you. Goodnight sweet hearts.

I'm a Bitter Old Woman at Not Quite 19

Crap fuckity, fuck, fuck, shit. Bugger, bollocks, bollocks, shite, shite, shite. God damn it to hell, son of a bitch, fuck, fuck, fuck. :continues to curse and scream, inwardly:
I've got reviews! Reviews of Favourite Worse Nightmare! Not by me! That will come later, along with a more general overview of this year's (and last year's) second album releases. Fucking huzzah. Now for the reviews; DIY: A-. DiS: A-. NME: A.
And now a review of Costello Music by the AV Club's Steven Hyden. I like him.
Finally in the review section, a review of the Cribs' new single, produced by Alex Kapranos, "Man's Needs." Sounds horribly exciting.
Now for links! About things! Like My Chemical Romance and Patrick Wolf! Whoopee.
Patrick Wolf quits live music. Just like the Beatles except 40 years too late to be cool. Let's see how survives without concerts. Little shit.
Baby Metallica gets to keep her name. Hopefully she won't mind too much when she gets older, otherwise all this hubbub would have been for nought.
The Pipettes do an interview with AV Club. I haven't actually read this, but I like the Pipettes, so they might as well get some face time in this here blog.
MCR lose their bassist to marriage. I suspect there must be more of a reason than that, but since the primary reason given is a nice one, I'll leave it alone. This does lead to some question as to who the hell will be playing bass when I seem them this Saturday. Again, I won't question since really I don't care.
Favourite Worst Nightmare is going to be big in Britian. Fairly unsurprising, as DiS said, though interestingly enough there's an article from Reuters pointing out that this record didn't sell as well as the first one. It doesn't matter though because Arctic Monkeys can't help but be huge at all times. It's just their unfortunate fate.
Avril Lavigne tramples all. I find this interesting mearly because I haven't heard her new single and if that stays the way it is, I will be happy. Really.
Oddly enough this is the only thing today that has made me remotely happy. That and reading backlog entries of Kirkland Ciccone's column. God I want out of here so badly. Do you think DIY would take on an American high school drop out with an undying love for all things British? I don't need to be paid. Honestly. I just need the UK.
Well now that I've got that over and done with I'm going to make a confession. You can't tell Farber or the rents because they'll worry, but...I'm listening to YTAM. I was desperate and am in a terrible mood and needed something comforting. Oddly enough that is YTAM, despite some less than stellar connotations. As much as I don't want to take two years (or even 1 semester) of French, I'm not looking forward to the testing required to get me out that gen. ed. requirement. I've been fighting so hard against my learning/developmental disability that I feel like I'm giving in by doing this. Needless to say, Kaiser Chiefs are still my favourite band and so are like the musical equivalent of chocolate. Damn my neediness. Stupid KC for still being my favourite band. Damn, damn, damn.
Anything else? Oh yes, I finished watching Casanova (the Ten-Inch version) and I didn't cry at the end. It was good and thoroughly enjoyable. Now the evil files are deleted and chances are I won't be seeing Casanova and all of it's wonderful sex for quite a long time.
Oh sweet, sweet KC.
Editorial Note: Just because I'm listening to KC doesn't mean I've fully regressed to where I was before the concert. It just means I'm listening to KC. I want to make that perfectly clear so nobody gets any ideas. I'm just listening to Kaiser Chiefs, not being an obsessive fangirl. Just listening.


Only Ones Who Know

All I ask, and I know I ask for things quite often, is that you somehow listen to "Only Ones Who Know" from Arctic Monkeys' second album Favourite Worst Nightmare. It is by far the most beautiful song ever created by man. "Only Ones Who Know" is like..."Claire de Lune" or the last movement of Beethoven's Fifth beautiful. I'll post the lyrics for those who can't wade through Alex's Yorkshire accent, but please find a way to listen to that song. I don't care how illegal it is, just listen. You won't be disappointed.

"Only Ones Who Know"

In a foreign place
The saving grace was the feeling
That it was her heart that he was stealing
He was ready to impress
And the fierce excitement
The eyes are bright
He couldn't wait to get away
And I bet that Juliet was just the icing on the cake
Make no mistake, no
And even somehow he could have shown you
The place you wanted
Well I'm sure you could have made it that bit better on your own
And I bet she told a million people that she'd stay in touch
But all the little promise that don't mean much
When there's memories to be made
And I hope you're holding hands by new year's eve
They made it far too easy to believe
That true romance can't be achieved these days
And even if somehow they could have shown you the place you wanted
Well I'm sure you could have made it that bit better on your own
You are the only ones who know


And the Loving will be Ceaseless

1. How are you stereotypically female?
I like jewelry and pretty things and believe in Prince Charming. Oh and I love cute babies and kittens.

2. How are you stereotypically male?
I don't think I am.

3. What parts of you do you consider unclassifiable as either gender?
Umm...the stomach. And liver...and most internal organs. Except the ones having to do with baby making, in which case those are user specific.

4. Do you think you are primarily male, female, or neither in characteristics?
I am woman hear me roar! By the by, I thought last month was national Woman's month. I'm so confused.

5. If you could be born as any gender, knowing the gender prejudices as they are now, which would you choose to be?
A lady. Because we get to use our feminine wiles to seduce men into bed. Besides I enjoy being a girl.

1. Grab the nearest book.
2. Open the book to page 23.
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post the text of the next three sentences in your journal along with these instructions.
5. Don't dig for your favorite book, the cool book, or the intellectual one: pick the CLOSEST.
6. Tag five other people to do the same.

So you get a choice between HHGG and...Fish on Friday: Feasting, Fasting and the Discovery of the New World. I choose HHGG!!
"'Drink up,' he urged.
At that moment the dull sound of a rumbling crash from outside filtered through the low murmur of the pub, through the sound of the jukebox, through the sound of the man next to Ford hiccuping over the whisky Ford had eventually bought him.
Arthur choked on his beer, leaped to his feet."
And thus Arthur's house was destroyed and following that, the Earth.

Lets see what else...My lack of Buzzcocks will be cured, but first I have to figure out which episode my header is from. See Phil says "And the loving will be ceaseless" and now I have the damn quote stuck in my head as well as the accompanying imagery, but I can't remember which episode it's from. So annoying. But I have discovered that YouTube isn't barren of complete NMTB episodes, just lizzilupin. So yeah, yay!
Let's see I have news articles, but no snide comments. No, that's not true, I just don't have a snide comment concerning the Gorillaz. I do for the other articles. So, shall we?
Why on earth does the UK need two new music festivals. Don't they already have enough? Honestly, it's just not fair. Europe should share it's festivals with the rest of the world, aka the US, and not keep them for themselves. As I've told Jasmine, sharing is caring.
As I previously mentioned, there is some news concerning Damon Albarn's animated side gig, Gorillaz. It seems that they will no longer exist. Yes, Gorillaz are splitting after the hopeful completion of a movie which, according to NME, will be directed by Terry Gilliam. All of this makes sense to me, though it does hint that Albarn is closing down the side shows, possibly to focus on Blur. Though I may be just making random connections that make absolutely no sense to anyone but me. Which is typical. Anywho, Gorillaz will be no more.
That's it my lovelies. Hot Fuzz was called for last night, but will be on tonight, so yay! In the mean time I will be watching NMTB and hopefully going out driving. Ta ta [box].


Working Order

Well my internet or whatever the hell was possesing Yahoo! and livejournal yesterday are all fixed so everything is back in working order. Hot Fuzz is still on for today which is exciting because it is. I'm going to go collapse now. See you later!


I Hate When Technology Doesn't Work

I really do hate when technology doesn't work. LiveJournal/my internet is being an absolute whore and so I haven't been able to check my friends page or almost anything related to livejournal today. Interestingly enough I could get to one of the icon communities I browse through and so was able to nab some very nice anglophilia related icons. After that I haven't be able to get to livejournal. I'm horribly sad because most of what entertains me is on that site and so I have been very bored. Except for the almost fifteen minute negotiation that occured between myself, Jasmine, and Alex, though I couldn't hear Alex's side. Anyway, we're going to Tyson's see to Hot Fuzz tomorrow at 7:15 (for all you wonderful stalkers out there) and I just realized I have no idea when I'm eating. Oh well! It will be fun anyway. So yeah, those are plans for tomorrow. Hopefully I'll be able to check livejournal later tonight. Hopefully I'll be able to post this post on livejournal. Gaaah, stupid technology.


Don't make it over-tricksy

Here's an interview with Simon Pegg (Shaun), Nick Frost (Ed), and Edgar Wright (director), from the AV Club in which there is talk of movie making and Hot Fuzz. Remember to go see it this Friday or on Saturday, Sunday, Monday...whenever. Just be sure to see Hot Fuzz.
In other news it's Ten-Inch's birthday. Happy Birthday Ten-Inch!
And here's a really cute fan art by JesIdres:

That's it.


Always Look on the Bright Side of Life

So Yahoo! and the Arctic Monkeys have decided that being on the US's good side is a good idea. This means less for Yahoo! since the Arctic Monkeys aren't that big in the States, but AM seems to be trying to fix this by being consistently wonderful and allowing their fans in the States to have access to all parts of their singles which is just fantastic. The even better thing is that I can do this through my Yahoo! account, so no illegal stuff. Fantastiche is what I say, fantastiche. Keep it up boys.
In other news, be expecting a thorough analysis of Favourite Worst Nightmare in a style similar to that of YTAM, except not a month early and with completely accurate lyrics.
So, as of yesterday, Lily Allen cancelled all, well the majority, of her US tour. According to multiple sources, including Ms. Allen, this is because she is exhausted from having been touring for a year non-stop. While this may not be the most politically* correct choice it is her choice and we must respect that. The NME article does an excellent job of quoting her journal were she very nicely explained and apologized for the cancellations. In any event, I hope she relaxes and the fan backlash isn't too horrendous.
Well that's all. I went out driving again today with Mums which was very pleasant. School was good and whatnot and I got cake! Umm...yeah. The year is winding down and the majority of my classes are finishing up because IB testing starts on May 2nd. Basically from the end of April until May 17th my life is going to be crazy because of testing. Not that this will deter me from updating, but many of those entries may consist of screaming, bitching, or complete nonsense. Though that last one is quite normal for me, so just ignore that. In any event, life is boring as all get out and there's nothing you can do about it. That's right, you heard it here first: No one can break my will, so life will remain boring. Because dammit, when I put my mind to something I'm a stubborn ass about it. So yeah, that's all folks.
*by politically correct I mean correct in the mind of her American fans. I don't actually mean political like politics. Politicians don't care about Lily Allen. Her fans on the other hand do.

Misadventures in La-La Land

I came home yesterday and found out that there had been a shooting at Virginia Tech. I went to bed knowing that 32 students had died. I woke up to find out that it was now 33 students. National news outlets having been refering to Virginia Tech as Virginia Tech, even though that's not the university's proper name. Even President Bush refered to it as Virginia Tech. I know that of all the things to be thinking about, thinking about the fact that everyone is calling Virginia Tech, Virginia Tech is pretty odd, but it's the only thing I can wrap my head around at the moment. I know people who go there, I know people who have siblings who go there. I don't want to think about the other side of this news item.
Of all the bizarreness of this situation, the most bizarre is the fact that a British blog that I read has entry about it. Someone in London (or more accurately a suburb of London) heard about the story and went to a college website for reasons unknown. And something he said hit me:
Guns. Americans. It happens. It's in their culture. And it'll happen again.
He's right, to a certain extent. We don't care enough about the loners, the ones that don't seem like obvious psychos. This doesn't neccesarily mean it's in our culture, but there is every chance that sometime, not anytime soon mind you, something like this, maybe not as deadly, will happen again. And there will be shock that something like this could happen here, some sort of public outcry for better gun control and what have you, and then the something else will take center stage and the travesty will be forgotten by most everyone but those affected. Call me a cynic but it's a sad fact.



Oh god kill me now. Sure I won't die the happiest woman on earth but I'd rather die than feel like this. Stupid womanhood. Stupid, stupid ovaries.
God I feel like shit right now, but I don't think there's really anything I can do about it. Except complain constantly, much to the chagrin of everyone I know. :D
I've discovered something very interesting: My life is incredibly boring without a certain band. Seriously, it is so boring. I'm not obsessed with anything else to the level that I was obsessed with that band and so there's nothing to replace the countless hours spent obsessing. I'm not sure whether this is a good thing or not, I have yet to decide. Hopefully I'll never come to the conclusion. Anyway, just thought I would point that out for you lot.
So yesterday I was pure evil and downloaded the latest DW episode because I couldn't find it on YouTube (my preferred method of evilness). It took for-fucking-ever, but was totally worth it because, OMG, so wonderful. Ten-Inch with the kitty, the end scene, and Martha made the eternal download time and evilness worth it. I really like Freema Agyeman as a companion to the Doctor if only because she doesn't take his crap. Having read the reviews from Behind the Sofa this episode has been very decisive. Either the reviewer hated it (because most of it was completely illogical and involved giant crabs called Macra who then didn't do anything accept exist) or loved it (because it was complete fluff with some good acting). I personally thought it was great, so yeah. Great fluff is always appreciated by Nore.
In other news Fairfax county got out of school 3 hours early because of the possibility of gale force winds. This meant that I got to sleep more than I usually get to sleep and didn't have to endure chorus. Huzzah! Otherwise the day has been pretty normal. Clarinet lesson, doing jack shit, checking all my sites, rechecking my sites just incase they updated for some bizarre reason, playing solitaire. Yup, perfectly normal day.
Gaaaaaaaaaaauuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhh, evil stomach/intestines. I hate you all!


Fuck All

I've got fuck all to say but seeing as the last time I posted I was a wee bit depressed, I thought I might give you guys a happier update. So lets see, what's there to be happy about...
Well I did get to watch the new Dr. Who last week (not sure if I mentioned that anywhere) and it did not fail. As one reviewer from Behind the Sofa pointed out, the episode was a bit bland, but not nearly as disappointing as some episodes from last series. Tonight though there's a football match (Waterford v. Manchester United) and so even though the show has been delayed forty minutes there's the possibility that if the game runs into overtime the episode will be delayed a week. Boo! I don't care who wins just as long as it doesn't go into overtime!
Let's see, what else...
Lollapalooza! I could go, but spending $195 to see 8 bands (some of which are only maybes really) just doesn't seem worth it. Besides with some of the bands, there's always the chance that they'll come to the DC area (which doesn't actually exist) and the ticket price will be much, much cheaper. But yeah, it was kind of cool to think about how I could go to Lollapalooza if I wanted to.

Kitty! This is such a cute picture even if it totally contradicts an episode from last series. Oh well, still very, very cute.
That's all. I leave you with an article full of advice for the young men of Arctic Monkeys.
Quick Reminder: "Hot Fuzz" comes out this Friday!! Go see it and be amazed!!



There's an article I forgot to post. Go ahead and read it, see what you think. My personal opinion is that popular music (or at least popular rock music) has reached a similar point in its growth that classical reached around the early to mid 20th century. Although I don't entirely agree with the bands listed at the bottom I suppose everyone is entitled to their opinion. Overall though it's a good article that brings up some very interesting points. And it's not by Dom Gourly.

Scotland Rocks Your Socks

Why does Scotland rock your socks? Because it birthed David Tennant, the Fratellis, and Franz Ferdinand, among others. Scotland will in fact take over the world eventually. And here's an article to back up this thesis. You know what else Scotland has on its side? A distinct lack of Kaiser Chiefs.
Now, the Long Blondes have decided (or gotten the chance) to finally release their debut and guess what? It's going to have four bonus tracks. This makes me excited because I've been waiting for this forever. This release along with the Pipettes means that finally I'll have more than Jenny Lewis to represent the lady rockers. I'm happy.
I've decided that I'm going on a Kaiser Chiefs detox. I've put too much of myself into that group and have gotten basically squat in return, so I'm going to turn my attention to other things, like school and Doctor Who. I mean this honestly, this isn't some wussy "protest" that will only last a day or two. I'm dead serious.
Now you might be wondering what made me decide to do this. Well there was the concert and then there was this which just exacerbated my feelings from the past few days. So I decided that I just can't do this. I have enough in my life and I have other interests, so I'm just going to focus on those instead. Going through a wonderful roller coaster ride of emotions over a bunch of guys who I've never met is ridiculous. I'm just not doing it anymore. There's more to life.


You Should Never Meet Your Heroes

Actually, you should never live your fantasies. Reality never plays out as well and so you're left disappointed in yourself and in the world and, at least in my case, quite heartbroken.
When you devote yourself so entirely to something, or someone, or a group of people, there's a certain amount of your heart you put into it too. So when you feel like there should be acknowledgement for your devotion it's incredibly devastating to realize that, that devotion will never be acknowledged. Or, maybe not never. There's always the chance that sometime in the future it will be acknowledged, but I guess when you're screaming at the top of your lungs, the future doesn't really matter that much.
There's always the chance that I'm wrong. Maybe my devotion, or at least my exertion during the concert, was noticed and so all this angst I'm feeling is utterly pointless. Or I could be right and it was the girls who groped and stood in the middle and sacrificed themselves at the alter of respectability who got noticed and not me. Lord knows he smiled enough to give that impression. Maybe both kinds of devotion were noticed and I just have incredibly low self-esteem.
But how would you react? You stump their album to all your friends, you constantly write about them, you do a song by song review of their new album, you do everything within your power (and wallflower personality) to promote the band and then you stand for two hours in line in freezing weather, damage your ears and vocal chords, and for what? The possiblity that it was you the leader singer was smiling at? You see others, more outgoing, more willing to act like idiots, being acknowledged and smiled at. How would you react to that?
All the while in the back of my head there's this nagging voice telling me I'm acting like an idiot. That I'm overreacting to something that doesn't really matter in the grand scheme of things. That I know better than those girls, that a smile is fleeting. But still, as the Fratellis said, "my hearts all broke in pieces and my heads a mess" and for some god-awful reason I can't move on.
It's sort of funny. I've never been in a serious relationship, yet I know what it's like to feel heartbroken. At least that's what I think this feeling is. Maybe it's only funny in how completely pathetic I am. No, you should never live your fantasies. The reality of it all hurts too much.


Well it seems someone noticed lizzilupin's stash of Never Mind the Buzzcocks episodes, so now they're all gone. I don't know if I'll ever be able to watch Ricky drunk again, or see Preston walk off because he's an idiot. Never again will I be able to revel while Phil and Bill take crack shots at everything under the pop culture moon. So very, very sad is what I say. Stupid YouTube. Stupid living in North America. Grrr...
Despite the fact that I still can't listen to KC, I have made a step forward in my rehabilitation and read some articles and such about them (or by the them, depending.) Even though I'm having a hard time thinking of myself as a true blue fangirl, I'll post these lovelies because that's what I do. Enjoy.
[Just the titles, no snarky comments. I'm not that far along in my recovery]
KC/DC - Back in Blog
A Blog in Time Saves Nine
Kaiser Chiefs continue US tour
Well that's all folks. I think I'll go die a little bit more now...


And Oh the Towering Feeling

And now for my 450th post, a whole hell of a lot of fangirling
And oh! The towering feeling
Just to know somehow you are near
Just thinking about it makes my chest feel tight. I could never properly review any of their concerts simply because it's all too surreal for me. I couldn't have asked for anything more amazing or heartbreaking. The after effect may have been one of despair (because I can never be someone I'm not), but how can I forget those too perfect moments of complete bliss? Yes, I can never be certain of anything, but it's so wonderful to imagine, so very wonderful. I may never be able to do what I wish I could do, but if everything goes as planned, that won't matter. No, I won't ever forget, and one day I will be remembered.
I was so faint with joy I didn't know what was happening
Set List:
Saturday Night
Every Day I Love You Less And Less
Heat Dies Down
Thank You Very Much
Na Na Na Na Naa
Everything Is Average Nowadays
Born To Be A Dancer
Modern Way
Try Your Best
I Predict A Riot
Take My Temperature
The Angry Mob
Oh My God

By the time we were let in I couldn't feel my toes and my hands weren't working properly. I had seen Nick and Simon leave the tour bus, the exact same one that Sophs had been saying she wanted to push over. The opening bands were good, but I couldn't understand a word from either of them, what with the sound system not working. But piece by piece the stage was cleared till all that was left was the equipment for the main attraction. My poor ears were all but dead and I knew I would pay for my enthusiasm through my neck. Then the lights went down and the screaming started.
Before that Peanut was up on the balcony watching the Walkmen speed their way through their set. The proceedings had started late and the two opening acts were paying for this tardiness. I was up against the railing to the right of the stage, my right ear getting the brunt of the abuse I was enduring. Then it was the Walkmen's last song and a half hour of waiting. The waiting didn't seem that long though and soon there was cheering and screaming. And there they were, living, breathing, real men.
Most of what happened afterwards is blurred together with only a few things standing apart from everything else. The deadening realization that as much as I seem like a fangirl, I'm far too inhibited to actually act like one in public. The hope that his (and we all know "he" is) wink and salute was to me, though it may have been towards someone else. Brief moments of possible eye contact, his eyes looking so dark. The slow realization that all of my attention was focused on him, that somehow my stare would draw his attention. The other realization that I was screaming and shouting my vocal chords into oblivion for the same purpose as my stare. Then, during "Take My Temperature" the stage dive to the bar and the return journey. I touched his hand! My god, I really touched his hand.
There was a moment during the concert when I just stood there, my mouth partially open, staring in amazement that I was were I was. Smiling when Ricky collapsed near the end of the set, feeling nearly as exhausted as he probably felt. Egging them to come back, knowing full well which songs they hadn't performed. Wondering why that one girl thought she could actually convince the band to stray from the prescribed set list, as if she was so powerful. No, the whole thing was a blur of emotion with the music acting as an accompaniment.
And yes the performance was excellent, despite what the Washington Post reviewer* may think. Oddly enough I actually learned some things as well: People either don't pay attention to or don't absorb lyrics the way I do and when it comes to living out the fantasy the closest I can get right now is holding his hand for a brief moment.

*scroll down past the review of the classical artist to get to the review of Saturday night's show


Easter Sunday

Well...last night...it happened. I don't really want to write about at the moment, due to the fact that I'm still recovering from certain aspects of the concert, so y'all will just have to wait. So instead of a set list, you guys get the lyrics to a Fratellis song. Technically (or at least according to my interpretation) the song is about a prostitute (which is true for most of the songs on their album) but certain parts relate very nicely to how I'm feeling at the moment. The song is called "Whistle for the Choir" and is by the Fratellis from their debut album Costello Music. Enjoy.
Well it's a big big city and it's always the same
Can never be too pretty tell me you your name
Is it out of line if I was to be bold
And say "Would you be mine"?

Because I may be a beggar and you maybe the queen
Though I may be on a downer I'm still ready to dream
And it's 3 o'clock the time it just the time it takes for you to talk

So if you're lonely why'd you say your not lonely
Oh your a silly girl, I know I heard it so
It's just like you to come and go
And know me no you don't even know me
Your so sweet to try, oh my, you caught my eye
A girl like you's just irresistible

Well it's a big big city and the lights are all out
But it's much as I can do you know to figure you out
And I must confess, my hearts in broken pieces
And my heads a mess
And it's 4 in the morning, and I'm walking along
Beside the ghost of every drinker who has ever done wrong
And it's you, woo hoo
That's got me going crazy for the things you do

So if your crazy I don't care you amaze me
But your a stupid girl, oh me, oh my, you talk
I die, you smile, you laugh, I cry
And only, a girl like you could be lonely
And it's a crying shame, if you would think the same
A boy like me's just irresistible

So if your lonely, why'd you say you're not lonely
Oh your a silly girl, I know I heard it so
It's just like you to come and go
And know me, no you don't even know me
Your so sweet to try oh my, you caught my eye
A girl like you's just irresistible


5 Hours 20 Minutes

I dont' really have to time to write, but I just wanted to post this article from the NME. Set list will be up tomorrow sometime, hopefully. I may or may not do a review a la the WAS/Arctic Monkey concert from June, but I haven't decided.
In other irrelavent news, I don't know if I'll be able to watch "The Shakespeare Code"!! A fact that makes me very, very sad. I don't care if Sophs thinks I'm "stealing" by watching it on YouTube, I still want to watch it!
Anyway, that's all.


Day 1 cont. (Because I'm a Horrible Person and Couldn't Resist)

Monday was magical because...it wasn't really magical at all! That's what made it magical

Tuesday, what a tiring day, because...I was procrastinating on all the work I have to do, which is really quite tiring. That and I was trying to find "Smith and Jones" on YouTube, when it isn't there.

My Wednesday was wild & crazy because...I had breakfast for lunch. Crazy I know.

Thursday made me think about...how idiotic musicians are and David Tennant. Wonderful Ten-Inch and his wonderful Scottish accent.

Friday is the most fun because of...my Musical Investigation. Yipee.

1 Day

I've got a shit load of work to do (hurrah for MI!), so I thought I would try and get as much of my online shit done with earlier in the day, so that I can have more time to do the work I have to have done by the time I have to have it done. I apologize for that last sentence. I'm going to move on now.
I don't think Whitey understands punctuation. I say this because his sentences are separated by elongated ellipses..........Like so.......Thus leading me to believe he doesn't understand punctuation. It is nice to see that someone has decided to update the blog though.
So, we all remember how much of an obsessive Beatles fan I was not too long ago. Well it seems that my new obsession has decided to kill me. You see there are certain things, or songs, bands are not allowed to do, or cover. For instance, bands are not allowed to say mean things, or cover, the Beatles. This is simply out of respect and the understanding that if weren't for the Beatles, rock wouldn't exsist. That may seem like an exaggeration, but it's true. >_> Anyway, bands really shouldn't try and cover Beatles songs. The reason for this is because they aren't the Beatles. The only Beatles cover that has ever been as good, or better, than the original is Fiona Apple's cover of "Across the Universe" which was actually better than the original. Normally though, Beatles' covers are shite. Which is why it makes me sad that KC is partaking in this abomination of a really fantastic album. Also vaguely curious to see which song they cover. But mostly just sad.
Also on a quick side note, The Fratellis? What song could they cover?
And finally, some more KC news. According to NME, they will be keeping a blog during the NA tour. I laugh at this simply because they have a hard enough time keeping up with the blog on their site. How they hell does NME expect them to keep another one for them? I mean honestly, there's only so much you can expect from these guys. Oh, silly NME. I do hope they keep their word on the pictures though.
One last thing: Takin' Over the Asylum is wunderbar. And midcirclenine is my equally wunderbar provider. Yay YouTube!!


2 Days

In an effort not to make my journal sound like it's written by a drunk (an incoherent drunk at that) I'm writing this a bit earlier than usual. So now I'm going to go check my news sites, just in case something has happened that I didn't know about.
Oh Jesus. Today's going to be fun...
So let's start with the guys looking like dicks category. The top prize goes to Jamie Cook and Alex Turner of Arctic Monkeys for acting like old dicks when they're only two or so years older than me. First off they lay into Mark "Lily Allen's Producer" Ronson which means Lily will probably be saying something scathing sometime soon. Then the boys decided to take up my position that all music sucks. This is were Alex comes in saying that Timbaland is in every music video. Which made me wonder were he was in their video. As DIY put it, grumpy old men (the Gallaghers) before their time? I think so.
Our next category is America, or not being able to come to America if that's the case. So, while the View deal with the fact that their lead singer is a crack addict, Tokyo Police Club and the 1990s hustle their asses over here to be on the telly. Good luck to them.
Continuing with our look at people coming over to the States, we had a bit of deja vu a couple of days ago concerning our good friend Mystery Jets. Mind you this is just a reiteration of the fact that they're releasing an album over hear two days before my birthday and not coming near the DC area. On the other Ms. Allen is coming near the DC area, but I refuse to go to the Sonar, so that's another Lily Allen gig I won't be going to. I've stopped being disappointed though.
In the ongoing saga of the Swedish baby with the weird name, courts in Sweden aren't letting the parents name their daughter Metallica. The court's reason for not allowing the parents to name their daughter Metallica sound a bit Big Brother-ish to me, but I think this should be a sign to the parents not to name their poor daughter after a semi-mediocre metal band that were popular in the...I don't actually know when Metallica were popular, but the point is, don't name your children after metal bands. Or any bands for that matter. Moving on...
A show that I wasn't going to get to go to because it was this weekend in London got cancelled. That's all.
Give the Cribs their drum back!! After rewatching the episode of NMTB that R hosted, I've decided that even though the Cribs aren't my favourite band in the world, they don't deserve to have their snare drum stolen. They seem like a nice bunch of blokes, so whoever took it should give it back. :sticks out tongue in defiance:
And last but not least, Kaiser Chiefs. I say we start with the article that makes Nick look like an idiot and then move onto the article that makes Ricky look like a complete dick. So Nick...what's on your iPod? What I found interesting about this little article wasn't so much what Nick has on his iPod (though I did find it interesting that most of the songs that popped up were either songs he didn't like or didn't know), but that the person who did the interview was the same person who did the review of YTAM. Oh the irony of it all.
Now Rick. Rick, Rick, Rick. When you snub a concert dedicated to Princess Di don't bring up the obvious hypocrisy of all the other people doing it. Having checked your touring schedule, you have a perfectly good excuse. You'll be in Italy the day that the concert is suppose to be happening. You would be disappointing so many Italian fans if you didn't go, so there. You have a good excuse that doesn't make you look like a dick. Yes, technically you would still be snubbing Princess Di, but I think we can all live with that. Oh well. You've already said what you've said, can't go back now. Stupid git.
Well I don't have anything else to say. Actually I do: Just two more days, and Sophs has already agreed to showing up at the club early. Mwhahahaha. Oh and Jasmine, you've replaced Sophs as the person who I irate about stupid things. Good job.


4 Days

It's sort of interesting what people care about. YouTube user extraordinaire lizzilupin has uploaded the past three seasons of Never Mind the Buzzcocks as well as various episodes from past seasons and the direct to video special Never Rewind the Buzzcocks all of which adds up to quite a lot of hours. Interestingly, none of the episodes have mysteriously disappeared. On the other hand, all links having to do with the full episode of "Smith and Jones" have gone poof from the YouTube sight. This not true for other Doctor Who episodes including the series 1 finale and the 2006 Christmas special "The Runaway Bride" (which I watched today.) I suppose there's a certain logic for taking down "Smith and Jones" but it's also rather worrying. Will next week's episode be available, even if just for a day or two? But I digress. No, what's interesting is that a show on BBC 1 is more important than an equally excellent show on BBC 3. Funny, I guess ratings do matter more than quality. I just hope the Beeb doesn't notice all of those NMTB episodes.
Not much else happened today. I finally got to see "The Idiot's Lantern" which means I've seen every episode from the new series of DW, which is exciting in its own way. I also had the rather odd realization that I really would be seeing R and the lot in the flesh on Saturday. This might seem like a rather stupid observation, but one must realize that I see pictures of R and the band quite often. Thus, the idea of really seeing them takes a while to sink in. Anyway, I'm going to move on. A friend of mine got in an accident which reminded me of something entirely inappropriate. But I couldn't help myself. Anyway, I just hope he's completely alright, just like R.
Ugh, I've got to sleep now. Or at least not write. A demain, mes petites.


5/6 Days

I'm never entirely sure how to do count downs because I know to include the day that you're writing (eg today is monday, thus start with monday) but then, since the concert doesn't start until like 10pm, do I include saturday? So confusing. Anyway, it's 5/6 days until I see Ricky in the flesh for the first time in over a year. And this time I'll be uber-close as opposed to last time were I was really fucking far away. :squeeeee!!!!!!:
Anywho, today was visit UMW day or, for my mums, take lots of pictures of UMW on a crappy little disposable camera day. Most of the day was useless since I've already done all of the things they were doing today, but it was nice to see the campus in a different season and mums and I went on a bit of shopping spree at the bookstore. I got a neato t-shirt, flip flops, a glass, and a penant. Mums got Dad a t-shirt and a baseball cap and stickers for the cars. All in all a very enjoyable experience. We also went to the office of disability services and met a very nice lady who told me how I could get out of the pure hell that would be taking four course in french. Huzzah! Sadly I did not see Alex like I was expecting, which was too bad. But overall it was nice day. Oh and I got a cool frog ring for my middle finger. Yay.
Umm...let's see what else. I'm thinking of rewatching some Amstell NMTB, because I love him so and possibly rewatching "Smith and Jones" just for the hell of it. But only if I have time. Simon is every so much more important than Ten-Inch. Even if the possiblity of shagging Ten-Inch is slightly higher than shagging Simon. Damn you Mar!!!!! Damn you for corrupting my poor mind. Ugh.
So yeah, not much happening. Need to get started on my MI and reading Wuthering Heights. I'm super-determined to read this book, so I don't fail at life. We'll see though. Now...off to Simon!!


A Check List of the Things I Did Today

  • Went to church and finished A History of Britain while trying not to stare at the creepy couple sitting in the library with me
  • Watched most of the NMTB episodes I hadn't already watched, except for the one hosted by the old guy, which didn't seem like it would be that funny
  • Watched the new Doctor Who, which was bloody brilliant. Here's a link with much thanks to tennantfan1 on YouTube for posting the episode. Hopefully they'll post next weeks episode as well. I'm really looking forward to Shakespeare
  • Figured out which courses I would want to take to fulfill the gen. ed. requirements at UMW, which is rather exciting it in its own mundane way
  • Nothing else. Really bloody fucking boring day. Guuuuuhhhhh, so bloody bored.
So yeah, that's it. I would suggest that everyone watch "Smith and Jones" because it really is bloody brilliant. Almost everyone over at Behind the Sofa agree that it's brilliant, so go watch!!
In other news I'm off to Fredericksburg tomorrow for the admitted student's day at UMW. This means I have to get up at normal school hours, which kind of sucks, but I'm excited to see the campus again.
I'm going to stop now while I still make sense. Go watch the good Doctor and all that jazz. Cheers!