Partiers = Vampires (sleep all day, party all night)

Soph's roommate her freshmen year was a vampire. I supposed this because she slept most of the day and partied all night. Listening to the song Perhaps Vampire is a Bit Strong makes me laugh a little because I immediatly think of Katherine and her sleeping lump on her bed. I don't think this is a normal response but she's the only partier I've ever met so...yeah. Plus she is a vampire. Or at least she was last year. Teehee. "You're all vampires" -- Alex Turner

P.S. I'm in love with this picture
He's so gorgeous. (He being Keith Murray lead singer of W.A.S.)

Whatever People Say I am, That's What I'm Not --- Artic Monkey

Disconcerting gap in the middle. Disconcerting if you haven't heard these songs before and you think the first track is over when it's not. The song itself seems to be something old and new at the same time before reverting in my mind to an early version of the Clash (were they around today and had grew up listening to themselves.) The accent is thick but on the first listening words don't matter much. First listenings are about the music. And the music is different than some but I know I could find a band somewhere that sounds something like this. And of course they end on a chord that is reminiscent of the early days of rock. Of course.
The opening is familiar because the song is familiar. The chorus has been stuck in my head at least once. If the lyrics are the best part, I sort of wish I could understand what he's saying more than 85% of the time. The music isn't particularly spectacular (Franz Ferdinand is more inventive by far) but it's a debut album. So I'm not exactly disappointed. Besides it's only the second song. It might improve.
His voice. I'm not sure whether it's snobby or just whether it's just his accent.
The middle of this song annoys me. It's not a proper chorus. But now I'm listening. This is different. Better, somewhat interesting. Hmm...they like tempo changes but they aren't smooth.
This all seems vaguely familiar. The style of it seems so bland in a way. But then again it seems all together new though not particularly interesting. For some reason I think this band would be more enjoyable live than on record.
Hmm...that was different.
Old school. Yeah that's the word. Sophs is right. This an old school cd. Punk pop rock. A lighter less mature version of what the Clash did. Not bad just not I was sold. I was sold something different but I'm not disappointed. Besides, it might take a few listenings to get really into. Though the British reviews made it seem otherwize. Made it seem excitingly new and different. Made it seem like a departure from everything else. New (yes), different (no), a departure (in a sense, if you don't listen to the lyrics of Franz Ferdinand or Kaiser Chiefs.)
So familiar. The slow ones are better than the fast ones. Like 50's rock. Real nice.
I'll say this. I appreciate what they're doing. I appreciate the length of the songs and the way the songs are written. And I'll admit it's good. But if I heard this in a record shop I wouldn't buy but I might ask who it is. They don't catch your attention immediatly. Not like Franz. Not like Kaiser Chiefs. Though the latter took some getting use to. So did the former actually. Maybe it's because I'm not British but I think after a lot of listening I'll get use to them as well. At least I'm willing to give them a try.
After track 10 (and including track 10) the album becomes suddenly stronger and more interesting. This is the part that lives up to the reviews. This is different. I'm interested to see if it holds up.
Oh and extra snaps for the song titles. "Maybe Vampires is a Bit Strong..." that's a good one.

Maybe Vampires is a Bit Strong -- Most original song on the album, the guitar riffs are fabu.
When the Sun Goes Down -- I love the opening. Acoustic transitioning to electric is done really well and the song is very strong.
A Certain Romance -- Strong opening, very strong opening. Reminds me of the Talking Heads a bit. The lyrics (the parts I understand) are brilliant. A pessimistic champion in tune with Modern Way and Shangri-La. A wonderful way to end the album. Probably the best track on here.


The Friday 5

Five questions, every Friday. This community was highlighted on livejournal site and I thought it was a neat concept. So here goes week 1. Though you may never see this again. Ah well.
1) When does liking someone a lot become loving that person?
I've never loved anyone before but I suspect that there's a click, something that makes you realize you love them. Having read too many books and seen too many movies I also suspect has something to do with wanting to see them all the time. Some such nonsense like that.
2) Is there a job you would do for free, and is it your current job?
No current job but I would follow around almost any rock band and write about them for free. Anything for free music, even crappy free music. Besides getting to see a rock concert on a frequent basis? Even if it was the worst band in the world I would do it for free.
3) What is one person/thing that inspired you to take action of some sort?
Music makes me do things. If I feel guilty for not doing something and listen to the right song I'll do whatever it is I'm suppose to be doing. Music has made me do a lot work I wouldn't normally do. Damn music!
4) Though you might not believe in it, would you like fate to exist?
I want something to exsist. Some sort of path or trail that leads to something. Sure absurdity is one thing but given my personal deficit and trials I would really like there to be some reason for it. I guess that's what fate is. A reason for all the fucked up shit that happens on a daily basis.
5) What's the kindest thing that anyone has ever done for you?
The kindest thing. I've had a lot not nice things happen to me but I suppose the nicest/kindest thing that has ever happened to me is...there are a lot of little nice things people around me do on a daily basis. The little things are the kindest things, especially when I'm in a bad mood. A hug when I'm complaining, a granola bar when I'm hungry, a sympathetic smile, not rolling your eyes when I start talking about my obsessions. Those are the kindest things.


Confessional to the beats of Feel Good Inc.

I always feel slightly confessional when I listen to Feel Good Inc. Maybe because it's a "guilty pleaure." Dunno. So here's my small confession: I'm waiting for something to happen.
I'm waiting for something miraculous to happen to me. It doesn't even neccesarily have to be something to do with math (please get me out of that class...). I'm just waiting for something to happen to me. Something amazing. Anything really. Just something. I guess I'm always waiting for something to happen. Something slightly fairy tale-esque. Meeting someone famous. Becoming a math genius. I dunno. I always feel a bit like that kid from The Incredibles. You know the scene where Mr. Incredible asks the kid what he's waiting for?
Mr. Incredible: Well what are you waiting for?
Boy on the bike: I don't know. Something amazing, I guess.
Yeah that's me on the bike. I know it doesn't look like me (being short and male) but that's me. I'm waiting for something amazing to happen.


Silly Girl

:sighs: :thinks how often she sighs: :sighs again:
I'm a silly girl. Most people wouldn't believe that because I can be so stern and not silly, but I am a silly girl. I like looking pretty (though not for very long) and I dream about white wedding dresses and sunsets. I probably wouldn't put up with it for very long but I like to dream. I desperately (and I mean that in the actual definition of the word) want a boyfriend. I desperately want someone to care about me and think I'm pretty (or gorgeous if they feel so inclined.) Despite my tendancy to not put up with lovey-dovey bull crap and anything remotely girly (like skirts. I hate skirts) I would like, every once in awhile not all the time, to be fawned over like a princess. To know that someone out there is thinking about me in an at all romantic way would be nice. I like Cinderella and Snow White and Rapunzel and all those stories because they get their prince. I want a prince (goddamnit.) I want to go through a real break up (not the vague kind that I've been through.) I want a relationship that lasts for more than a month or two, a real relationship. Yes I'm a romantic who wants a prince charming. I'm a horribly silly girl.
Of course there's the other side to that coin. Although I want all the things I said in the above I don't want it all the time. I want a boyfriend, which I suppose would be a sort of all the time thing, but if he constantly fawned over me and treated me like a princess all the time I would probably ended up hitting him. Which would be most unfortunate because it's not nice to hit people. Anyway the point is I also want to be taken seriously. I want people to respect my brain and all the things that encompasses. I like watching Monty Python and Notting Hill. I like listening to Shangri-La and The Crown of Love. It's not a one or the other sort of thing. I need someone (would like someone) who will fawn over me when I want (or tell them to) and then listen to me ramble on and on and on...about Julian Barnes and HHGG. Not that I'm expecting a miracle of some sort. That would be silly. It would just be nice. Make the nearly perfect world just that more perfect. Plus, it would be nice to kiss someone every now and again. I like the idea of kissing. But that doesn't really matter. Just pretend I didn't mention that part.
"Any interesting way of life, deny yourself the benefits of being alive" --- Belle and Sebastian "Woman's Realm"


Should I write something? Do you guys want me to write something? I mean honestly. I've got nothing to write about. I might as well just write about bs because I personally have nothing to say. Other than the same old shit I always say. Something like this:
OMG! I love Ricky Wilson, Franz Ferdinand is fuckin' fantastic, I never get to see bands in concert because life is lame like that, I'm bored, my life is boring, music is d'awsome, Mr. Fore sucks a big one as does math, I love the British.
There. Mayhaps I'll post some lyrics instead. They should be vaguely entertaining. At least more entertaining than what I have to say.
(Oh how I hate hormones. Oh how hormones hate me. Once a month I become an evil rampaging bitch. Oh how I hate hormones. No I do not like them at t'all.)

Not Suprised (by that band I really like from Leeds. Who just won some awards.)
Hey, I'm back again
Did I see you in the park?
But the evening came
And I lost you in the dark

Passed the village green
Where you were crouching by the bins
You were on your own
And hanging by the swings

And I was surprised
Now I'm not surprised
That you changed your mind
And you tried to hide (x2)

And I don't feel comfortable talking
To anybody except you
I don't feel comfortable talking
To anybody else

Hey, I'm back again
Was the world too small for you?
You were gone a year
And you'd done everything to do

It's a sad affair
Because nobody ever wins
Down the fire escape
I'll meet you by the bins

And I was surprised
Now I'm not surprised
That you changed your mind
And you tried to hide (x2)

And I don't feel comfortable talking
To anybody except you
I don't feel comfortable talking
To anybody else

And so far it's been civilised
So far it's been fine
It's just the way it used to be
Remember that you're mine

And I don't feel comfortable talking
To anybody except you
I don't feel comfortable talking
To anybody else (x2)

Think About You (And I Like It) (same guys. I think this is the closest thing to a proper love song they've written. Or at least I like it tons.)
Hold me down I'm so excited
Feeling good but slightly frightened too
I feel it in my blood and I like it
I think about you, oh when I'm leaving
Hold me back I'm so exhausted
Never happened like we reported to
It scares me half to death and I like it
I think about you, oh and I'm leaving town

I think about you and I think about leaving
I think about you before I think about breathing
I think about you when I think about leaving
I think about you...

Oh my God, I can't believe it
They're still waiting to recieve it now
I take you in my arms and I like it
I think about you, oh when I'm leaving home

I think about you and I think about leaving
I think about you before I think about breathing
I think about you when I think about leaving
I think about you...

To The End (Blur. Totally antithesis of Till the Cows Come Home. Well I think so. Tis pretty, Damon is wonderful.)
All those dirty words (Jusqu'a la fin)
They make us look so dumb (En plein soleil)
We've been drinking far too much (Jusqu'a la fin)
And neither of us mean what we say (En plein amour)

Well you and I
Collapsed in love
And it looks like we might have made it
Yes, it looks like we've made it to the end

What happened to us? (Jusqu'a la fin)
Soon it will be gone forever (En plein soleil)
Infatuated only with ourselves (Jusqu'a la fin)
And neither of us can think straight anymore. (En plein amour)

Well you and I
Collapsed in love
And it looks like we might have made it,
Yes, it looks like we've made it to the end

When you and I
Collapsed in love
Well, it looks like we might have made it
Yes, it looks like we've made it to the end.
(En plein amour)

You and I
Just collapsed in love
And it looks like we might have made it
Yes, it looks like we've made it to the end
(En plein soleil)
(En plein soleil)

Redundant (Green Day. Yes, you've guessed it, I like love songs. Not just the straight forward kind either. Like this one. This isn't straight forward. But I love this song.)
We're living in repetition.
Content in the same old shtick again.
Now the routine's turning to contention,
Like a production line going over and over and over, roller

Now I cannot speak, I lost my voice.
I'm speechless and redundant.
'Cause I love you's not enough.
I'm lost for words.

Choreographed and lack of passion.
Prototypes of what we were.
Went full circle 'til I'm nauseous.
Taken for granted now.
Now I waste it, faked it, ate it, now i hate it.

Now I cannot speak, I lost my voice.
I'm speechless and redundant, 'cause I love you's not enough.
I'm lost for words, now I cannot speak.

(one more song okay?)

Crown of Love (The Arcade Fire. F-ing gorgeous.)
They say it fades if you let it,
love was made to forget it.
I carved your name across my eyelids,
you pray for rain I pray for blindness.

If you still want me, please forgive me,
the crown of love is fallen from me.
If you still want me, please forgive me,
because the spark is not within me.

I snuffed it out before my mom walked in my bedroom.

The only thing that you keep changin'
is your name, my love keeps growin'
still the same, just like a cancer,
and you won't give me a straight answer!

If you still want me, please forgive me,
the crown of love has fallen from me.
If you still want me please forgive me
because your hands are not upon me.

I shrugged them off before my mom walked in my bedroom.

The pains of love, and they keep growin',
in my heart there's flowers growin'
on the grave of our old love,
since you gave me a straight answer.

If you still want me, please forgive me,
the crown of love is not upon me
If you still want me, please forgive me,
'cause the spark is not within me.
it's not within me, it's not within me.

You gotta be the one,
you gotta be the way,
your name is the only word that I can say

You gotta be the one,
you gotta be the way,
your name is the only word that I can say!

Only one that I can say!

La la la
La la la

21st Century Girl

Sophs got a blog. It's called "And Now For Your Feature Presentation." It's about movies (or boovies as they are called in my fam) that we watch. The first one is on Oklahoma. GO READ.


The Old New Quiz

I filled this out a long time ago, but I felt that it needed to be updated. And I'm bored and don't want to go to tutoring. :rolls eyes: Here it is:

A- Age of 1st kiss: sometime in the future
B- Band you are listening to right now: the Zutons
C- 1st Crush: pre-school, when I was cool
D- Dad's name: Terry
E- Easiest person to talk to: Mums, or Jackie. Sometimes Loghman
F- Favorite ice cream: Chocolate. Any kind of chocolate.
G- Gummy worms or gummy bears?: I ask you-Difference?
H- Hometown: Washington D.C. near the Hill
I- Instruments: clarinet
J- Junior high: Langston Hughes/ Stuart Hall
K- Kids: 2 at the most
L- Longest car ride ever: any drive without music
M- Mom's name: Lissa
N- Nicknames: the Green one and I call myself Nore
O- One wish: Meet Ricky and become best friends (or Alex.)
P- Phobia[s]: failing and bees of any sort, even the bumble bees who can't sting you
Q- Quote: here are 3 one word quotes- 42, Cheese, Spoon.
R- Reason to smile: music and the Brits
S- Song you sang last: Remember Me by the Zutons
T- Time you woke up today: 9?
U- Unknown fact about me: :thinks: I dunno...I tell this journal everything
V- Virgin: if I haven't been kissed, do you really think I've had sex?
W- Worst habit: picking at my forehead
X- X-rays you've had: Teeth and nose
Y- Your least favorite person as of right now?: Umm does math count?
Z-Zodiac sign: Taurus. the bull. Grrr



Every rose has its thorn they say. I must admit I'm feeling a little bad right now for Franz Ferdinand. They were up for the 3 awards KC won and though I'm madly in love with KC, Franz Ferdinand will always win the musician in my heart simply because they're musically a far superior band. So, having nearly OD on "Employment" I've turned my attention to the recordings of Franz Ferdinand. Yes, I'm still overjoyed about last night but one must pay respect to the people who didn't win as well. Though I'll be damned if that means I have to listen to Coldplay. Will not do that.
Um. That's it.


:silence before the storm:

:pauses, collects herself: :preps for tomorrow when she will sweep the world with her coolness:
booya beeyatch

Right then. I'm cooler than all y'all. I'm the best because ya know what? Do ya, do ya, do ya know what? THEY'RE MY BAND. THE KAISER CHIEFS AREN'T SOPHIE'S BAND, THEY'RE MIND BAND, MY FIND. NO MTV TELLING ME WHAT TO DO, NO VH1. I FOUND THEM, THEY'RE MINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yeah so I'm feeling possesive. I'm just really, really happy abou this. Kind of vindicates everything I've been saying. Vindicates the hours I've spent looking at pictures, reading interviews, listening to interviews, listening to their music, all that stuff. Cuz ya know what? I'm not considered cool for the most part. So when my favorite (yes they're my favorite) band wins the top prize at the top award ceramony in their home country, I say booya bitch. Told ya so.

Quick Brits update

The Kaiser Chiefs won best British rock act. :smiles: It's all because I'm wearing their US tour tee-shirt. The whole reason.
:prances about like a little girl on crack: And Mr. Fore will find some way to ruin this all. It's his job I think. His job is not to be a band director but to ruin my life. Doesn't matter though. I'll come back home after rehearsal, listen to KC and remind myself that they're the best rock act in the world. I'll listen to "Hard Times Send Me" and laugh at Mr. Fore because tomorrow morning I'll be signing up for chorus. ASSHOLE!!!!! But for now I can listen to the b-sides I have and laugh and be merry in general. Because Kaiser Chiefs won best British rock act.
Oh how I love them all, even Whitey.


I don't know what you're talking about...

Most people when they're tired go to sleep. I, on the other hand, am very tired so I check the Ricky Wilson livejournal community. I dare you to click Ricky Wilson. Double dare you. :waits: Well if you clicked the link you'll see the same thing I did. At first I was confused. Then I looked for contextual clues (cuz I pay attention in English) and saw the banner behind monsieur Ricky. "Ah" I said to myself, "the Meteor Awards. That's right they won a couple of awards there." Which gives anyone free reign to do what he did. :nods: This my fandom, by major obsession. A grown man who licks awards. Thank god he has some good music to back up this behaviour. Otherwize I might not put up with such antics. Lord knows I don't put up with the crazy things mathematicians tell me. Anyhoo that's the news of the day. I'm obsessed with a man-child. What a big suprise there...



I gotta write something. I've been trying to write something all day and now I'm just going to fucking write anything. I don't promise coherence, but do I ever promise that? I think not.
Lets start with the snow. Last night it started snowing. After losing two hours of sleep I woke up this morning to bright white glaring at me. Mums suspects we got about eight inches. I'm very good at estimating so I have no idea but I do know a lot of snow when I see and there's a lot of snow outside even now. A lot of snow. Honestly I was surprised because this winter has been incredibly mild with only one day of snow. But there was the snow like an extremely cold blanket glaring at me. Thankfully I didn't have to shovel, Sophie did that while I was catching up on missed two hours. I walked through the snow though. I scraped the snow off the car and shoveled the excess from the driveway. This snow blanket is slowly coming off. And that is the snow.
So I've written something. Now I can clean up in the kitchen and go to bed. I may not have school tomorrow but I like my sleep patterns. My sleep patterns got fucked up last night so I'm hoping tonight they'll be normal. I better get going. Sleep being one the few things I can healthily obsess about


Reminiscent Snow

On a side note: It's been a year and 4 days since I started writing in this journal (blogger). I went and checked the archives of my livejournal and it's been over a year and half since I started writing in that journal (livejournal...obviously.) I'm fairly proud of myself for keeping this journal for such a long time. I usually make it to the year marker and not much beyond. Actually I don't usually make it to the year marker. I almost do, but never quite get there. So, yay for me. Kind of superfluous in a way but mildly interesting. There will be something much bigger for when it's been a year since I discovered the Killers. Like a picspam or some other nonsense like that. Anyhoo Happy 1 Year.

At the moment it is snowing. Mums has been talking about the Baltimore crafts fair and how Nana is coming down for it again. She doesn't think she'll go this time. She said yesterday it would be around the same time it was last year. A couple of things cross my mind as I hear all this and see the snow: 1) I've changed a lot and haven't changed at all in a year and 2) it's almost been a year. Most wouldn't consider discovering a band very momentous but I could be wrong. There are always points in a person's life that mean a lot to only them and I suppose discovering a band could be one of them. It is for me anyway.
I won't go into all the stuff that surrounds discovering the Killers. I'll save that for a later date (14 days in fact.) But I won't stop thinking about it. When I sign up for my classes this Thursday, I know I'll be thinking about it. Because in some strange way discovering my own music, my own generation (laughs), I've been able to change. Something like that anyway. Either that or I've just become more obsessive with people closer to my age.
I suggest listening to "London Calling." Tis an awsome CD.


Because in honesty I have nothing to say. I just repeat myself over and over and over and over and over and over and over...(goes on for about 10 more minutes. Reader reads the rest of entry hopefully)
List seven songs you are into right now (whether they have words or not) and then tag seven more people. Post these instructions in your journal.
1. When the Cows Come Home -- Blur
2. Train in Vain -- The Clash
3. Absolute Beginners -- The Jam
4. Vision of Division -- The Strokes
5. Let It Rain -- OK Go
6. Redundant -- Green Day
7. Outsiders -- Franz Ferdinand
Go my minons!!! All two of you!!


A Continuation on Lyrics

Absolute Beginners The Jam

In echoed steps I walked across an empty dream
I looked across this world, there was no one to be seen
This empty feeling turned and quietly walked away
I saw no warmth in life - no love was in my eyes

I stared a century thinking this will never change
As I hesitated, time rushed onwards without me
Too scared to break the spell too small to take a fall
But the Absolute luck is - love is in our hearts!

I lost some hours thinking of it
I need the strength to go and get what I want
I lost a lifetime thinking of it
an' lost an era daydreaming like I do

In echoed steps you walk across an empty dream
But look around this world, there's millions to be seen
Come see the tyrants panic see their crumbling empires fall
Then tell 'em we don't fight for fools -
'cos love is in our hearts!

I lost some hours thinking of it
I need the strength to go and get what I want
I lost a lifetime thinking of it
an' lost an era daydreaming like I do

You can lose some hours thinking of it
You need the strength to go and get what I want
You can lose a lifetime thinking of it
And lose an era daydreaming like I do

After the Clash, who I listened to without realizing who they were because I must have been 10 or younger, the Jam is the first real Brit band (as in had an influence on the bands I listen to now and is not from the 60's because they totally don't count) I ever listened to. Or well..."Absolute Beginners" is the first, and until recently only, song I listened to by the Jam. Mind you by the time I listened to them (whenever the movie "Grosse Pointe Blank" came out or shortly there after) I had probably heard "Song 2" but it's sort of the same thing with anything off of "London Calling." I had no idea.
Point is, this song has unwittingly had an impact on me. Not necessarily because of what it says or the fact that guy singing this reminded me strongly of Dick Van Dyke in "Mary Poppins" but more with when it was done. The Jam is kin to the Clash and that era of punk and British coolness. Though most wouldn't make this connection (most would connect the Clash with Green Day or some sort of band like that) my opinion is thus: The Beatles had to happen for the Clash to happen, the Clash had to happen for Blur (and such bands) to happen, Blur (and such bands) had to happen for Franz Ferdinand, the Kaiser Chiefs, Maximo Park, and other such bands to happen. Not exactly linear (maybe) and full of gaps but my logic nonetheless. And the really neat thing is, I've liked "Absolute Beginners" since I was in 9 (shocked at the fact that she saw an R-rated movie at such a young age.) Beat that you indie elitist!! I may not have realized it but ha.


Some things need to be documented. Hence why I have a journal. To document all the crazy things that happen in life. Right now I would like to document something that makes me giggle on the inside and sigh on the outside.
  1. Song 2 is the woo-hoo song that I like. Now I know the title which makes me happy in an odd way
  2. Song 2 is by Blur. The same guys who did When the Cows Come Home. I'm glad to know these things. They keep me amused and interested in bands long after listening to their records too many times in a row.
  3. I'm somewhat disappointed in Blur now. But ya know...shit happens I guess.
That's it.


Beating the World

For the past week I have been running mainly on nerves and adrenaline. I'm honestly surprised I've been able to do anything at all but somehow I made it. Today though was a particularly bad day for my nerves and nervous system. But I'll get to that a bit later. Right now I'd like to explain the build up to today.
So I knew this was going to happen. Class sign ups. It happens around the beginning of 3rd quarter and last year was a complete nightmare for me. This year I only had a couple of things to worry about. 1) Getting Ms. Young (chorus director) to audition me and 2) insuring Mr. Fore didn't find out about 1. There were other things looming over me though that were causing more stress. For instance, the fact that I spent most of 2nd quarter utterly apathetic to anything that wasn't history, english or math. Which is about 4 classes or more accurately 3 classes. I couldn't screw up band. And let me tell you, I did screw up those other 3 classes. Mind you I wasn't failing anything but I didn't get the grades I wanted. So along with a not so great report card and class sign ups was the fact that I still hadn't talked to Mr. Sharp. I really needed to talk to him. I'm barely getting by in his class (math) with a D+. Not exciting.
So today I was a bundle of loose ends and unhappy feelings. Things started going well almost immediately. Mr. Louie my physics teacher signed off on me taking IB Bio which means that I have all my IB classes accounted for and no having to argue with Mrs. Stewart!!! Then came the dreaded math class. I felt semi-ill throughout most of the class. Finally during lunch I got up the nerve to talk to Mr. Sharp. He was disappointed that I'm not taking math next year (yay!! I'm not taking math next year!!!) but was otherwize unhelpful in my main issue which is his tests. I've made the semi-executive decision that what I'm going to do is go in before a test and ask him random questions. Not like "why is the sky blue" random but more like "can I do this? Would doing this work just as well as doing the other thing." Hopefully that will help along with being more questionary in class. I'm not entirely excited about that, but I need/want to do well in this class. Finally I got to music, didn't kill anyone during my presentation then trotted over to Ms. Young's room while silently panicking over whether or not I should bail. Thankfully I didn't bail and got her to sign the little recommendation sheet thing so Mrs. Stewart won't stare at me on Friday. Auditions are actually in early April but I feel fairly confident in my singing abilities and there's plenty of time for me to brush up on some repetoire (read jazz standards) before the audition.
For the first time in a long while my shoulders don't feel tense. I'm tired because I no longer have adrenaline pumping through my system keeping me uptight and awake. I fucking beat the world today. Hope I can keep it up.


Nervous Indigestion

I'm in pain and I'm wet and I'm still hysterical!

I'm having nervous indigestion. My intestines feel like they have more gas than a star (I know lovely ain't it?) and my nerves are about to go on strike. Ma famille et moi were watching The Producers during dinner and when Gene Wilder (aka Leo Bloom) said that, I thought to myself "I gotta remember that line." Anyhoo, I have a project I need to work on. And nerves that need to be calmed. And shoulders that need to release the tension building up in them. In general I need to get off this computer. But remember: in pain and I'm wet and I'm still hysterical!



I can't write very well. Half the time I end up ruminating on nothing sensical. So, since I'm pretending not to be a junior who is signing up for her senior classes and I'm pretending to not have college materials around her room go read this. Makes me 1) desperatly want to be a music journalist so I can meet these insane people and 2) meet these crazed loons. W.A.S is fucking hilarious. I would personally suggest reading the one called "On Discipline."
Quick side note: Lunatic comes from luna because people use to think the moon drove people to insanity. Thank you Mr. Sharp.



I can't really think very well. Anything I write is going to be marginally if not extremely incoherant. So I'll post something else that someone else wrote. They were coherant and quite humorous when they wrote it. I believe you'll find it here.