First Week 2009

Tonight I'm finally going to get to see Fraaaaaanz Ferdinaaaaaaaand. It will be the highlight of what has proven to be a slightly stressful and definitely an exhausting week.
This week has proven why I hate bureaucracy. While the inefficiencies of bureaucracy amuse to a certain extent, it's also terribly exhausting and frustrating when those inefficiencies get in the way of my well thought out plans. This week has also proven why people in positions of power can be absolute fucking idiots. So let's start with Monday.
Monday wasn't actually that stressful save for the fact that I didn't request disability accommodations when I thought I had and therefore did not get to tell my professors about said accommodations at the time I thought I would be. Otherwise Monday was extremely unstressful, especially compared to the rest of my week. My pysch professor is great and I'm really looking forward to that class. Theory is theory and there's not a whole hell of a lot I can do to change the insanity of the 20th century. I also had my first (and it would turn out last) pilates class which was really enjoyable.
Tuesday proved to be slightly more stressful only because I couldn't do band set-up until a half-hour before practice was suppose to start and neither Bartram nor I had any idea how many of each instrument was going to show up. This year we have a plethora of clarinets (a subject I'll address more of in my recap of Thursday) and a scarcity of brass. And one percussionist. Band's going to be very depressing this semester. Music history (which from this point forward will be called "history") on the other hand is going to be great. Prof. Fillerup is as wonderful as I remember her being and I'm really looking forward to this semester. Astronomy...I'll address astronomy when I get to Thursday.
Wednesday was a lot like Monday except I had club carnival. Club carnival consisted of me standing in the sweltering heat shilling the radio station to passing strangers. It wasn't that bad really, until I had re-sign-up for the DW club (which will always be the DW club, I don't care). That was painful only because I had to act like I didn't want punch my ex in the face and break his sonic screwdriver pen. I also had chorus on Wednesday I'm really, really hoping that I won't be section leader again this semester. It's a good group though and I think this will be another excellent semester, though hopefully no fainting.
Oh Thursday. I spent a lot of time explaining my accommodations to various professor, some who got it and some who didn't. I also had Bartram tell me that all of the 3rd clarinets, save myself, suck. Band will continue to be very frustrating and I'm just glad Stephanie agrees with me. I don't think I could room with someone who doesn't think Bartram is a prat, which he is. Now astronomy.
Oh astronomy. I was so excited about astronomy. And when the professor turned out to be a mumbling old man I thought "My love of the stars and planets and having someone else take my notes will get me through this class." But then Prof. Royce gave me back the notebook that I had given him so that he could ask someone in the class to take notes for me and at that point it became painfully clear that not only was he a mumbling old man, he was mumbling, batty old man who didn't understand the idea behind disability accommodations. I was going to have to fight him every single time I wanted one of my accommodations fulfilled. My love of the planets and stars was not going to be enough to get me through this class. So when my mum told me to get the hell out of the class, I did. I'm now taking "Studies in Faith and Literature" wherein I will read my second work by Camus and my first by Dostoevsky (1,045 pages). I'm also going to get to take an extra yoga and kickboxing class, which is nice.
Friday wasn't particularly special. I had to tromp over to Marye house because bureaucracy is stupid and a fellow student in my psych had to have the principle behind assisted note taking explained to her, which has never happened before and I thought Prof. Mailloux handled it wonderfully.
So that's it. Monday the radio station is having an interest meeting at four which should be amusing and I have my first show on Wednesday (9pm to 10pm EST). A set list from tonight's show should be up within the week, but I make no promises. Until next time.


Good Times

Recently I've been a bit blue. I blame this on my on going family issues and having fuck all to do. Well tonight made up for some of the loser-ness that has been my life for awhile. First we had a dorm meeting where I got to take the piss out of my ex's girlfriend* and generally act confused when forced to participate in a "get to know your neighbours" game. Then there was a radio station meeting. There's something about inept administrations and the frustrations they lay upon the rest of us that brings me all kinds of joy. In actuality, it's incredibly idiotic that the school won't let the radio station have a computer, since we live in a closet, but I can't help but smile when I hear about just how stupid the school administration is. Maybe it's because of years of training by my school county (thank FFX!) but I kind of revel in idiocy. Sure it can be pissing, but ultimately I find a perverse kind of humour to the whole thing. So there you have it. Idiocy makes me happy.
Tomorrow classes start. My first class isn't until 1pm, but I've come up with a list of tasks I have to do, most of which I'm not terribly excited about. My first task, outside of showering and eating breakfast, is to see if my accommodations are ready. My second task is to go to pysch services and see if I can schedule some appointments to talk about things with Larissa. There are some obvious reasons why I'm a bit apprehensive about doing these things, but mainly I don't want to do them because I'm lazy and hate doing things for myself. Still, these tasks can't be avoided and hopefully I won't run into anyone who I don't want to run into and still have some time to read Dracula. All I know is that I'm going to be listening to a lot of Kaiser Chiefs in the next few days.
On one last note, I can have rum in my room without Stephanie or I getting in trouble. Of course, no rum for Stephanie.
*In a show of good roommate-ness and general saneness, when I told Stephanie that I think my ex's girlfriend looks like horse she responded "I was thinking the exact same thing!" Turns out the slag is a club with Stephanie and she spent an entire afternoon sitting across from said slag thinking "she looks like a horse." That made my night, along with the station meeting where we found Pabst Blue Ribbon beer cans and an empty box for Pinnacle vodka in the station.


My Radio Show

LJ Writer's Block Question: If you had your own radio or television station, what would it be called and what kind of programming would it play?
This is kind of an easy question to answer since I do in fact have a college radio show (wmwc.umw.edu baby!) But in my perfect world, were the minor restrictions I have placed on me are removed, my radio show would be all British most of the time. Sure every once in a while an American or other non-British artist would pop up, but 99.9% of the time I would play British music from the 1960's onward. Honestly though, it wouldn't be that different from the show I have now except I wouldn't be trying to fit in songs that I don't know that well that were released in the last 6 months into the show. I would also play ABBA without fear of ridicule in this perfect world, but that's something completely different. Anywho, the name of my show is "Nora's [Fill in the Blank] Radio Hour" which harkens back to when I started posting Facebook events for my show and would call it "Nora's Ridiculously Named Radio Hour" or "Nora's Awesome Amazing Radio Hour." At least it has a name now. I didn't when I started.


A Letter to a Friend

Dear Stephanie,
You still like him don't you? I can't exactly judge since I held a torch for an equally nasty guy for 3 years, but you have to admit, you act like you still like him. Despite my own history, I have to admit, I don't get it. After everything he's done to you, the pain he put you through last spring (and all the times before) how you can even stand to be around him, let alone still care for him? He's a rotten bastard, who if he had you back would ultimately just hurt you again. Maybe I'm wrong about him, it's not as if I have the highest opinion of men at the moment. He doesn't seem all bad, but there's just this little hint that he's really not that good either. I know better than to say any of this to you, but I worry a little that you're going to get hurt again and I'd hate to see that happen. You've got a good boyfriend now, so please, use that brain I know you have and don't mess that relationship up for an ass like him (the other not-boyfriend.) I see that he's trying hard to get back into your life but remember what he's done and keep that in mind when you're around him. Just because he's nice now, doesn't mean he'll be nice later on. Do what's in your best interest I guess is what I'm trying to say and let this guy go, it will be for the best I think.


Good Lord I Suck At This

:sigh: I could apologize for not updating, but that's just getting redundant isn't it? So yeah, I've been a complete loser updating this summer and for that I am sorry. Between working, yoga, kickboxing, and finding out some pretty revelatory stuff about myself/my dad, updating my blog hasn't been exactly a top priority. I have a bunch of news stories I want to share and stressers to bitch about, so I'll just get straight to those.
News! Oh the world has been semi-kind to me the past couple of weeks. First of all The Mighty Boosh came out on DVD so I have that wonderful goodness to watch whenever I want without the guilt of watching it as a downloaded thing. Also there's been news from the rock world that has amused me much. To start off with on the first night of the Green Day North American tour, Ricky broke a rib. I find this amusing largely because he'd had such a good run of not breaking anything and then bam! Breaks a rib on the first night of a tour I loathe. It's a bit self-centred I admit, but I'm a big believer in instant karma and she owes me some niceness. Also, Preston of "Preston and Chantelle" fame has admit he regrets being a big prat on NMTB. It's nice to know he'd like to go on now that Simon has left and the bitch has divorced him so that it's only pitiful career the new guest host can make fun of. And finally the former drummer for Razorlight, Andy Burrows, is joining We Are Scientists for their third album. While this doesn't replace the irreplaceable Tapper, it does prove at least one thing: Razorlight sucks ass.
So I have no clue when I'm heading back to school. I'm worried about that, facing my ex and not being able to get everything done I need to get done before classes start. It's overwhelming and my head hasn't stopped hurting since Friday. Unfortunately there isn't much I can do about any of the things that are stressing me right now, or I've already done everything I can do to alleviate them to the best of my ability. I hate waiting for things to happen, especially when I know there's nothing I can do to change the course of events. Mind you I can now recognize that this hatred of change and not being in control has to do with my daddy issues (which by the way I won't get into for the sake of everyone's sanity) but it doesn't change how I'm feeling right now. Sadly, this week at the beach probably won't help to alleviate any stress I have at the moment, but oh well. If things go according to plan I'll be out of the house a week from now and back at school stressing about new things. :sigh: C'est la vie.
Edit: I heard from my GM and I'm all set to move in early. As I told my roommate, one less thing to worry about, thank god.