Ummm...PICTURES!! Yeah...
This is a fairly general picspam. WAS, Kasabian, Franz Ferdinand, and Kaiser Chiefs included. Have fun looking at the pretty pictures:

Keith tuning his guitar. Oh so sexy, with the sexy hat. And the black and whiteness. :smiles:

This picture makes me happy. He looks so tired and so sweet. Yay for R.

Now for the new guy...

Neither picture is terribly recent, but...gaah.


:thinks: Must make this work. Grrrr...Best picture I've ever seen though. Even if it is rather small.

Now a pretty little link to the video for Empire. I tried to to embed the video, but decided that was going to be too hard for my meager html skills. Now...Empire

And Then I Got a Cookie

I had a very odd dream last night. It involved some odd elements including the following; Me participating in some sort of recess game (a ball and catching said ball), one person I haven't seen since elementary school, a plot line about people being all worried about getting into college (not so odd really), and Franz Ferdinand playing at a place that was suppose to be my school. I had for some reason left a bike in a nook where they were going to playing (or near where they were going to be playing). Not that I remember using the bike earlier in the dream, but I digress. So Loghman and I (naturally) went to get said bike. When we get there Franz is there too and Alex is wondering about the bike. I tell him it's mine and he's like alright. Then he mentions something about cookies being back somewhere. I immediatly know exactly where he's talking about. This is a dream. So Loghman and I go off to obtain said cookie. The bike miraculously disappears once in the cookie area. After getting the cookie I went off to sleep in Mr. Vagts classroom. So lets see: I've been listening to Empire at least 3 or 4 times in a row every time I turn on my computer and have been listening to their first album quite a lot. I haven't listened to Franz in a good week or so. :nods: But I got a cookie! I love Alex now. :)
(HA! That's one more point in my basket Tretheway)


New Obsession Alert

News Flash: Nore Has Found a New Obsession!
Yes folks it's true. Nore, infamous writer of this blog has found herself a new musical obsession. Thanks to the wonderful music video blog cliptip Nore has found a new band to be all giddy and ridiculous about. And guess what folks, that band is Kasabian! Yup the hunky guys from Leicester are now proud memebers of Nore's "band" along with fellow Brits Kaiser Chiefs and Arctic Monkeys. So look out for new information about these guys and their upcoming second album.

God...I'm just so sad.



On other stuff...you might have read some tabloid nonsense about us having a war with Kasabian, rubbish flies around in the press all the time, but we feel this time we should intervene as this is completely fabricated. Creative journalism at it's worst. We consider Kasabian as friends and have enjoyed their company whenever we've met...it's quite the opposite from what's reported, we have respect for Kasabian and wish them the best of luck with their new record. To set the record straight we didn't even play the same day as them at T or Oxegen which would make having a scrap pretty difficult.
--- Kaiser Chief Newsletter from Tues. July 11

Semi-political agitators Kasabian could not have picked a better time to release an anti-war themed music video. "Stop! Said it's happening again! We're all wasting away!" Rock and roll makes war look unsexy with arty metaphors and period war costumes. Mind you, the band still looks sexy those mutineers. Errr... were mutineers. I wonder if the whole shooting thing is a metaphor for lead guitarist / keyboardist Chris Karloff leaving the band. This is the title track from their sparkling new album to be released this fall. --- Cliptip a music video blog

This is Kasabian. They keep popping up in my Yahoo! radio station. Supposedly I'm suppose to like them. What really freaks me out is how much the lead singer and Ricky Wilson look alike. Call me crazy if you'd like, but in my opinion there are a lot of similarities. Right, so who's the lead singer you ask? The one who's fake punching you. Otherwise known as the one second from the left. Or the one who looks like he's in the middle. Shall I continue? Thought not.

Empire, as cliptip so nicely pointed out is from their not yet released album. Much to my chagrin they've yet to release the single in the States. So Yahoo, for all it's wonderful qualities, doesn't have it. Otherwise I would have it and be listening to it. Instead I'm listening to their first album. Pretty good album too. But Empire. Now that's a spiffy track. The music video, with it's lovely period costumes (think Victorian military...mmm tight pants and sexy shirts) is also pretty good, but lots of blood and booms, too little watching the band. In any event, I really like the song and have listened to it far too many times.

As for the other topic I brought up...Tom (the lead singer's first name) does too look kind of like R. The hair colour for instance. :tries to think of something else: >_< He's cute alright? I'm allowed my op-ed even if I can't support it. Grrr...

In other news, Blur lead singer Damon Albarn is going to somehow miraculously come out with his new band's debut before Kaiser Chiefs come out with their second. To quote NME (Indie-Rock bible), "They plan to release their debut single in October, before the full album - a concept record about London - is released in January next year." Damn it! Stupid Kaiser Chiefs. Grrr...I'm still upset. Hence why I'm turning to Kasabian. >_> Yeah...

Kasabian= depressed Ricky :(
Kaiser Chiefs= happy Ricky :)


Oh my word

Oh. My. God. Thanks to that_heather I'm more scarred for life than I was before. I don't think I can even give you guys a link to the post. I don't want to hurt your eyes like mine have been hurt. Damn her to hell! Ugh...
If I got Mary Washington I could go to Edinburgh 0_0. Or London. Or Cork. Hell I could go to Iceland. And sing "Tropical Iceland" while I'm there. Maybe there are some perks to going to a bigger school.
Yay for brainwashing! I've now converted two people to campKC. :shudders: DAMN YOU HEATHER!
I have to heal my eyes now. :twitch:
Here it is. It's horrible. Just horrible.


1 Year

It has been exactly one year since I first saw the Kaiser Chiefs live. Yay!! Now...where's my new CD?
Anyway onto something boring and tedious...since I'm bored:

1. What talent(s) do you have that could make you famous?
I sing. People tell me I'm pretty good at it. That's about it.

2. If you could be famous for one day, what would you do?
I would tell Ricky to hurry his ass up and get me a new KC album. (Oh obsession is fun!)

3. If you were so famous that money was no object, where would you live?

4. If you could meet any famous person, who would it be?
Gosh...dunno. -_-

5. What would be your famous catch phrase/quote/motto/last words?
"Buggrit, millenium hand and shrimp" or "Roses are red, violets are blue, I like cornflakes, can you swim?"

Now I command you to listen to Kaiser Chiefs. Even just one song. GO!


Lilly Allen --- OMG

Seems Lilly Allen has done a cover "Oh My God." I'm listening to it right now, and...OMG. It's really funny. Not bad, I like her voice, it's just really funny. She's kind of hip-hop and Kaiser Chiefs...are really, really, not. So it's really funny. Not bad. Just really, really fucking funny. But...yay for trumpet! I can't stop laughing! Teehee


A Request

Right, seeing as there are approximately three of you who read this thing (lj edition) I'm going to make a request: Find me non-scary pictures of the band Blur. Or...find me the Blur icon. It's on all of their albums, so look at one of those if you don't understand what I mean. I'd like one, non-scary, picture for an icon. Seeing as this band is slowly needling its way into my ears (I can't make it much longer without "When the Cows Come Home") I figure they deserve an icon. In any event, a non-scary picture would be appreciated. Feel free (as in you must) send me this picture so I can decide whether or not it is scary. If it is, try again. That is all. I'm off to find the ice cream.



:cries: Oh god. Why? Why? Why did she have to post that? I was so happy...
Yay for Tinker Day skits. Teehee...I'm off to edit my crappy poems! Yay!!


Incredibly Tired

Christ I'm tired. I did a 1.5 mile hike. Steep up and steep down. Lots of rocks and really incredibly stupid steps. My thighs will kill me tomorrow. At the moment I just feel like jelly.
If you would like, go read my stupid story. God I'm tired...


This Isn't Working

This is not how one finishes a CD quickly. This is one has fun, which is alright, except I'm highly impatient and today is not a good day to get me mad. Downtown Roanoke, though not the pit that Blacksburg is, is quite pittish. I got a neat purse and a frog ring but otherwise I was highly disappointed. No music stores!! Grrr...
In any event I'm tired and the smelly store we went to has given me a dull pain in my poor brain but I did get the ring. Elizabeth (one part "we") was particurally annoying :twitch twitch:. In any event...I get to "Lake House." Damn my stupid brain! Oh well. I can make fun of Keanu Reeves. Which is always fun.
I have an hour and 15 minutes till dinner. :twitch: So tired...


Hollins Five

I may be at Hollins but I feel like doing the Friday Five. Besides, Farber said I couldn't be in my room for more than an hour. I'm not in my room. So ha! I may be alone but I'm not in my room!

1. What about you makes you unique?
My insanity. My dependence on certain things. Like music. And Ricky.
2. What aspect of your physical appearance do you think makes you stick out from the crowd?
I'm 5'10". I think that's pretty special.
3. What do you always have with you while out in public? (for example, earrings, purse, wallet, watch, etc.)
I almost always have my purse, but mainly I just have myself.
4. Is there anything about your body that you think isn't normal?
Umm...my brain?
5. What are you complimented on (looks, smarts, anything) the most? Why do you think that's the case?
I'm not really noticed that often but when I am it's usually because what I'm wearing is incredibly colour cordinated. But normally I'm just not noticed. :blends into wall:

My Problem with American Music and Their Subsequent Fans

I'm not entirely sure which annoys me more: The actual bands that started in the States (Fall Out Boy, Panic! at the Disco, etc.) or their fans. You see I never really listen to that stuff. I like my music mainly imported (Franzie, KC, AM, etc.) so I never really listen to the homegrown kind. What I'm mainly exposed to are the arguments (The Killers v. Emo) or the homegrown bands' fans. The fans that I'm exposed to, you must understand, are the truly obsessive almost stalker like ones. They aren't like me. I can be scary (RICKY!!!) but I don't talk to the whole world about it. These fans are vehement about their bands and will defend them to the ground, even if the bands are completely in the wrong. I guess that's my main problem. That and the fact that the bands aren't terribly inventive. Admittedly I've heard maybe 2 songs by P!atD and I own FOB's latest album. Cute is What We Aim For and The Academy Is... are completely foreign territory. But they all seem to get lumped together so I get the sense that these bands are good at just a few things: Writing about sex, repeating the same line about twenty times in a row with no noticeable difference, writing about a lack of sex, and writing about how they can't get girls. They all seem to (knowingly or unknowingly) fuel a lot of drama. And finally Brandon Flowers thinks their evil. But, I'm still not sure which annoys me more: The bands or the fans. All I can think of is "Fake Tales of San Francisco" or more specifically these lines from the end of the song: "I'd love to tell you all my problem/You're not from New York City, you're from Rotherham/So get off the bandwagon, and put down the handbook." Especially the last bit. So get off the bandwagon (all you fans) and but down the handbook (all you bands.)


Another Bored Moment In Life

Hahahahahahahaha. I'm writing on a mac! And Hannah is watching cuz the world is just that boring. And I'm listening to Billy Idol which I don't normally do. And...and...stuff. Yeah. Katie and RAcheal and no else (thought Carrie was bu she isn't) are developing pictas. Which is interesting for awhile but watching stuff get pushed around is a wee boring over the term things. Gaah can't think. Anyhoo...umm...yeah.
RICKY!! God I wish someone would update or something. There isn't enough interesting KC news. Because they're in the studio. Which is good. But boring. And...yeah. Bored.

Linky Time!

I'm really hyper right now. And most of it has to do with the Killers. Bless their little souls and stupid haircuts! Anyhoo I've got links to explain my current insanity. Heehee...

What has Brandon done to his hair??? Right...look at the picture on the right hand of the page. The caption should say "The Killers Brandon Flowers." Now my question is: What has Brandon done to his hair??? Why did he have this need to fuck it all up? And the mustache? Dear God!! Only Michael and Chris (WAS) can get away with mustaches. And George Harrison. Brandon Flowers does not look good with a mustache. Aaaarrrggghhh.

NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! Why did Sam Jackson allow those idiots to do the soundtrack for his idiotic film? :thinks: Oh never mind. I mean it's called "Snakes on a Plane." Fall Out Boy deserves to do the soundtrack for this film. :cringes: Another movie I won't be able to watch.

That's cool. Tim Burton rocks. The Killers and Tim Burton would be like...Tim Burton and Johnny Depp. Except with music. Which is neato. Yay Fake DIY!!

Someone finally updated!! Not that I have any idea what they're talking about but oh well. It's an update and that makes me happy.

So umm...I've found out who my favorite ice skater is. Evan Lysacek. He's wonderful and makes me smile. Mucho thanks to Hannah. Mwhahahahahahahahaha.

I must come to Hollins. I'm love this place so amazingly lots. Teehee.



Omg! I'm in Pleasants' computer lab at Hollins! And I got to see Ricky!!! Squeeeeee!!!!!!!!
February, Mr. Wilson, is well past the due date I set for you. Grrr...but at least I know now when to vaguely expect it. Which makes me extraordinarily happy. Squeee!!!
Umm...my roommate is cool. And I've made some friends. And I found a new Laura from Mississippi. :twitch: And my creative writing teacher is a flake to the umpteenth degree and makes me want to claw my eyes out. But my psych teacher is pretty cool. His specialty is child psychology which totally rocks.
Not much else. Life is good. I'm at Hollins. Squeee!!!


To The End

I'm incredibly bored with life. It's amazing how life is both incredibly boring and yet can go by very quickly. The days just go by and I do absolutly nothing. There's nothing to do. I don't want to practice my clarinet. I can read but even that get's tiresome after awhile. It's to fucking humid and hot outside to spend a lot of time outside doing something. It feels like the only thing to do is play freecell and listen to the same stuff I've been listening to all year. And this week will go by quickly and then I'll be at Hollins. I'm still excited about that. :sigh: I'm just so incredibly bored. Wish I had something more than Hollins to look forward to.
According to thekilleronline.net there's a tentative release date for the Killer's next album. Kind of excited. I haven't listen to them in God knows how long but...FF Ke Ki KC MP. Besides it's all their fault I'm an obsessive fangirl. So yeah...kind of exciting.
0_0 God I'm bored.
Here's a very funny interview with WAS. And after that you should go their site (www.wearscientists.com) and read the bit under the big logo. It's called Guess the Animal. Fucking hilarious. I must admit I didn't get the first one, but I did get the second one. Silly boys.
Hmm...other than that I'm spent. Sophs is back at WM. It's really humid and hot, which perfectly describes DC in the summer. I'm going to see the midnite showing of Pirates of Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest on Thursday with Jackie, Irais (tentatively), Angel, and Diane. Kind of excited. I'm getting my haircut tomorrow. :shrugs: Not much else. Go listen to "The Act of the Apostle, Pt.2". Tis a very, very great song. Then listen to "Hummingbird." Also a very, very great song. Till later mes copines.


Modern Way

I killed a bug tonite. It was a masterful kill. First a big dictionary and then a couple of jabs with a walking stick. All while "Na Na Na Naa" is flashing on the TV. You see I'm all alone (with Loghman worried half to death) and watching the rest of the KC DVD. I'm happy. Ricky is masterfully sexy (which I'm not sure is actually possible...). I killed a bug...
WHEN THE FUCK ARE THEY COMING OUT WITH THEIR NEXT FUCKING CD!?!?!?!?!?!? I know they're working on it but for fucks sake I'm desperate here!!! I've got a second CD from Franz and Keane. I don't give a flying fuck about the Killers. The Zutons have a second but it's import only (damn bastards). I need some new Ricky to sing along with. The first is starting to get stale. I'm almost done with DVD. The pictures are all repeats. I'm getting really pissed at their meager tour schedule (what the fuck is so special about fucking Iceland [other than the neat song by Fiery Furnaces]????). I'm almost depressed about this (which is even sadder than Iceland.)
This is what happens I'm all by myself. With access to diet Coke. Bad, bad things.
And "Modern Way" saves the day...