My Sermon

I have no physical disabilities, but I've been through some pretty rough patches in my life. When I was younger I found it hard to believe in a God that would allow slavery and war. Today I find it hard for people with physical disabilities to believe in a God that would allow that to happen. I have mixed beliefs when it comes to God and a lot of what Christianity teaches. Today's reading was from Isaiah. It stated that we are God's clay and that he is the potter. In the Messiah the choir sings "and we, like sheep." I can't believe in that. I can't follow like a sheep. I won't give into a doctrine just because a disciple from some century long ago says to. I'm never going to heaven so I'm not going to try and be someone I'm not. Religion. By trying to fit people into one belief, something that is meant to bring peace to people's lives is probably one of the most controversial subjects in the human lexicon. Just a thought.


Nothing Better

Since I have absolutly nothing better to do at the moment I'm going to spout off whatever comes to my head. It's either that or playing Clicken Gold. Quite frankly I've imposed so many "rules" on myself to make that game interesting, this seems like a much better alternative. Plus it's good to write. Writing is important.
I have tons of songs on my mp3. I have lots of CDs on my mp3. So with all these choices one would think I would have a lot of different things I listen to. Well, one would be wrong if one thought that. Frankly I find it "hard" enough to choose between the limited CDs that I do listen to, it would be nearly impossible for me to choose out of the whole thing. So what is that I listen to? Pretty standard stuff actually. FF, t'Chiefs, Killers (occasionally, when I feel bad about not listening to them in a really long time), Rilo Kiley, the Darkness (yes, I've gotten over the falsetto), Maximo Park, Keane and thats really it. I listen to indivual songs on occasion but mostly I just listen to those bands. I've been listening to OK Go, but thats not on my mp3 (yet.) Interesting thing is, I repeatedly listen to the same things. It's actually been quite awhile since I've listened to Keane relatively speaking. Maybe a week? Anyway, despite all the choice I have, I'm very narrow minded. Then again, is that such an awful thing?
I think I'm going to start carrying around two sodas in my backpack. I'm such a total caffeine addict it's not even funny. Thing is, I'm a very slow drinker. I started drinking my current soda at about 10 to 5 and right now it's about 6:15. Thats over an hour to drink one 12floz soda. On the other hand if I don't get enough caffeine I get headaches. Well...not really. I guess I don't have to carry around sodas. Or maybe just one. I need something to keep me awake during the second half of the school day. Poor Mrs. Kirby rarely ever sees me very awake. Then again neither does Mr. Sharp. Math is completely different though. I'm just concentrating really hard. :sigh:
Ya know what I find very interesting? The fact that neither Tom nor Alex are terribly attractive despite the fact that they have just wonderful voices. Ricky and Brandon on the other hand are attractive but their voices, in my opinion, aren't as good as Tom or Alex's. But I suppose looks and vocal quality are subjective. What I think isn't neccesarily what you or someone else thinks. In fact I feel like I'm in a bit of a minority, especially with Alex. I'm always somewhat suprised when people talk about Alex's good looks. I think his new hairdo is much better than his old one, but really there are few good photos of the man in my opinion. This isn't to say that Ricky only takes gorgeous photos, it just seems to me that Ricky is better looking than Alex. Vocals though, it's the opposite. Oy, I think I'm repeating myself. Hopefully you get the point.
Franz Ferdinand's second CD is definatly a step up from the first but I still really like what they do on the first CD. The music is particularly sophsticated, but compared to what some bands to do, it's very different and sophsticated comparatively speaking. "Ich heisse super fantastiche!" That line will never be beat. Except maybe by "I want a car." Man, This Boy is such an awsome song. Save, You Could Have it So Much Better and Fade Together there ain't a dud on that CD. Except, ya know, for the ones that I said. And those two songs aren't bad, they just aren't as good as the other ones. I would say Do You Want To but there's a certain charm to that song that the former songs just don't have. I like them, but...eh. Nonetheless, both CDs are excellent. :shakes head: Just scary.
My one fear is that t'Chiefs, Keane, and the Killer's second albums won't be good as their first. What Franz Ferdinand was pretty remarkable compared to a lot of bands. I mean, the phrase "sophmore slump" exsist for a reason. Most band's second albums are either a repeat of the first, or not as good as the first. Either that or the second album is just way too different from the first. That happens too. Anyway, I hope that, that doesn't happen with my bands. I hope they all have the success that Franzie poo has had.
Well, the CD is almost done so I think I'll finish this off now. See ya later.

She's Got the Devil in Her Heart

Everytime mums takes a picture of Rosie with flash, Rosie gets these awful red eyes that are just nearly impossible to fix. Mums has been able to do it most of the time, but with this picture, Rosie's eyes are just too red. Rosie though is the sweetest little woof. Always expecting something exciting to happen. This picture was taken outside of mes parents room. One would suspect that Toaster (a nickname) was probably waiting for either dad to do something, or mums to get ready for a walk. She's such a little sweet dog. Anyway, I thought you guys might like to see that.


Christmas List

As much as it scares, I have to start thinking about Christmas. I have to make a list so that my relatives know what to get me. Honestly I don't trust them to get what I actually want. Last year my dad's parents got me this strange recording of Oklahoma! that had the Brady Bunch mom as Laurie. So yeah, considering what I want, don't trust them at all. This stuff ain't mainstream. Well, it kind of is. I'm not that cool. Anyway, it's mostly cds. God...I can't believe it's almost December. So scary.

  • Arcade Fire -- Rebellion (Lies)
  • Belle and Sebastian -- ummm....all of it?
  • Blur -- ditto
  • OK Go -- Oh No (and maybe their first cd...not sure)
  • Elefant -- Sunlight Makes Me Paranoid (boo ya! Loves that title)
  • The Futureheads -- Self Titled
  • Keane -- Strangers (actually this one's a docu. I would really like this one)
  • Kaiser Chiefs -- Enjoyment (docu again. Oh and I would like...)
  • Franz Ferdinand -- their docu (everyone has one! everyone needs one)
There are some books, but I've already told mums about them and I can't remember their titles. I'm just that good. :suddenly feels a bit selfish: Hmmm...I don't have any money to give!! I guess I'll just have to give hugs.
In other worlds, I've decided I have no life. I've spent most of the day not doing a damn thing. Literally. Not a damn thing. So sad. Oh well, I'm a bit busier tomorrow. What with my clarinet lesson at two. :sigh: I don't want to read The Stranger!! And can you blame me? I think not. So there ya go. Life in the fast lane mes petites.


Into the Cavern

Seems the Rickster has cut of his hair a bit. :shrugs: He's still so damn sexy it hurts my heart. :shrugs: People make too much of rockstars. Me included.
I was watching my mum unstuff the turkey this afternoon. I thought about what use to be in there. I felt bad for a bit but then I rememberd that 1) I have to eat meat because I won't eat beans and 2) The turkey is dead. It was going to die. The circle of life continues on.
I'm so freakin' tired. I think I'll go to bed soon. Another early night for Nore. I like sleeping, so sue me. I'm a teenager. An extremely abnormal teen. In fact my name is Abby Normal. :waits: :waits a bit longer: Okay, if you didn't get the joke you never will. Or, well, one day you will. Maybe. Uh. So tired.
In case y'all were wondering, OK Go is an okay band. I like them. Oh No is a rather good album. So yeah, go download it or buy it or whatever. I recommend it!
Not much else to report. Had a good Thanksgiving. Not looking forward to tomorrow. Stupid Holiday Parade. I don't know if I can do it though. I stupidly forgot my plastic clarinet at school and there's no fuckin' way I can march my wood clarinet. The poor thing would crack in two in the cold and stuff. We'll see. Sort of. So goodnight guys. I'll try and be more interesting this weekend.


Thunder Thighs/Thundering Voice

I have huge thighs. I can't wear skirts or tight pants because they are so big. Mums say I don't, but she's lying through her teeth. I have huge thighs.
On the other hand I have a huge voice. When I sing loudly or even talk loudly I can pretty much fill up the space I'm in. I'm not a soprano but neither was Patsy Cline or Ella Fitzgerald. I'm in good company.
I do have pimples. And scars from past pimples. I have red splotches all over my forehead. I constantly worry them because I'm so stressed. It feels like there's little I can do about the cause or the effect. I'm kinda SOL in that area.
Of course this year is going comparatively well for me. Good grades, happy social life, no parental problems (for the most part.) I'm not hiding things like I did last year which means that around report card time I'm sleeping better than I did last year. So actually this year is going really well for me.
Then there's my gut. It's changes between slightly lumpy to "I'm wearing a sweatshirt, again" big. Last night I was looking in the mirror and started bouncing up and down. Yeah it start giggling. At least my pants still fit.
I have friends. 'Nough said.
Men (some men) are afraid of me. Or at least they don't consider me "girlfriend" material. I assume this because no one has asked me out. I know guys. I don't know. Men and romance confuse to some extent. For all my dreaming (and wishing and hoping) I've got nothing to show. I'm no one's arm candy. I've never been kissed. Am I too smart? Too tall? Not pretty enough? To out spoken? What the hell is wrong with me???? I'm nice. I've got more patient with men. I talk to them. What the hell did I do wrong??
So I have low self esteem when it comes to my body. My self esteem has never been very high anyway. Just gotten worse with all the failing and near failing grades I've gotten. I've been hovering around 175lbs for a year now. I may be 5'10" but I've still got a belly. And those thunder thighs.

Not Much

Top of the Pops. Popworld. The Ed SullivanShow. Think about it. Just think.
:nods head: Yup thats all I've got to say. They have those shows and we got...we had him. :nods:
:sigh: I really don't have much to talk about. The day was somewhat boring and I haven't really done anything much since I got home. Turkey day in two days. :nods: Slow news day my friends, slow news day.


The Darkness

"I believe in a thing called love" and then he sings higher than me. I know I could really like this band. I just get incredibly pissy/jealous everytime I listen to them because they're lead singer can sing higher than me. And he's a fuckin' guy. That's not fair!!! He shouldn't be allowed to sing higher than me!!! Anyway, if it weren't for that I could really like the Darkness.
Entertainment Weekly is so late. In this week's issue they list 6 Indie Brit Bands On the Cusp. I know every single one except the Noisettes. I just laughed. In case you're wondering who these bands are they are : Arctic Monkeys, Nine Black Alps, The Rakes, The Editors, and Art Brut. On the next page in the Download This section they mention the new Darkness single. Again twenty years behind. :hides behind Fake DIY and NME: I'm not a hypocrite. I swear 0_0

100th Post

I live in a town called Reston. I go to the local high school and have small group of people I consider friends. I'm band and play the clarinet. I find that most of my teachers are pretty cool with the exception of my band teacher. He's a complete and utter flake. I live about 1/2 an hour away from Washington D.C. on route 66. I lived in DC for the first 8 years of my life and have been to almost all the museums at least twice. I've been to the monuments at least once or have driven/walked past them multiple times. I learned how to ride my bike in the "back yard" of the Supreme Court. I was 5 minutes from the Mall, so I watched the fireworks there almost every 4th of July. My Dad is a corporate lawyer and once worked for MCI. He now works for Patton/Boggs which no one outside of the lawyer world will probably have heard of. My Mums and Dad met at law school. Mums is a stay at home mom currently taking graduate classes in special education. Sophs, my sister, is two years older than me and annoys the crap out of me every once in awhile. We have very similar tastes in music. She's not so bad really. My family use to have a cat named Sadie who didn't like anyone save my dad. She especially did not like Sophs. She died when I was in 5th grade shortly after we got our first dog Nikki. We have two dogs, Nikki and Rosie. They think they're fierce but they aren't.
Reston is a suburb of DC and it seems to me that almost nothing interesting happens. There isn't a lot that happens in DC either except for the politics. Not a lot of rock musicians come to DC. Mostly they go to some of the bigger venues in Maryland or Virginia. In any event, they're never very close and Sophs has to want to go because I don't have my license yet. Another thing I've noticed is that rock musicians usually only play one night and then move on. Granted the USA is a pretty big country, but still. I think the only thing that happens in this part of the country are plays I can't/don't want to go to or a new art exhibit. Plus all the politics.
I'm a brit-pop junkie with a more eclectic taste than some would think. I grew up listening to oldies, jazz, classical, and whatever else my parents played around me. I've been singing since I knew how and except for the last year have been some sort of choir/chorus since I was very little. As for books my two favorite authors are Douglas Adams and Julian Barnes. I've read a lot since I learned how to read, which is actually pretty amazing. I taught myself how to read, without phonetics, which is a pretty major accomplishment. Haven't beat that one yet. I'm a fast reader just like my Dad, my grandfather and my mom's older sister. I just wish I had more time to read.
That's my life for the most part. Not a lot happens to me that I think is particularly interesting, or that someone else might deem as interesting. I keep a journal to insure that I don't go insane and to prove that I'm crazy. This is my 100th post. I'm pretty proud of that


How To Be A Great Lead Singer (or just the requirements)

  1. Must have a "lead singer" voice (Think George Harrison v. Paul McCartney, or Dave Grohl v. Kirk Cobaine)
  2. Must have stage presence (Think Dave Grohl or Ricky Wilson or Paul Smith, or Tom Chaplin. Don't think of Brandon Flowers)
  3. Must be willing to be mouth piece for the band (Think Alex Kapranos or Ricky Wilson or Brandon Flowers)
  4. Should be reasonably good looking (Think Ricky Wilson v. Lead singer of Louis XIV. Which do you like better?)
  5. Needs to be able to write music, or help with writing music ( Ricky, Alex, Brandon, Paul S, Dave, Rivers, Tom, Jenny, Steve, Paul Macca, John...)
  6. Should be able to play an instrument (cowbell counts too)
  7. Must be photogenic (even if only moderatly good looking, like Alex, Tom, or Dave)
  8. Must have a certain amount of humility (Ricky, Alex, Paul S. Not Brandon)
  9. Needs to be witty (Alex is an excellent example, as is Paul S and John)
  10. Should be able to make girls and/or boys swoon at the drop of a pin (Ricky, Alex, Brandon, Paul Macca)
So thats what I say. Here's a list of the full names and bands of the examples I gave. You should know this by now, but I'm feeling generous today (and I like using the little list thingy):
  • The Beatles (Paul McCartney, John Lennon, George Harrison)
  • Franz Ferdinand (Alex Kapranos {whose last name I can spell without looking})
  • Foo Fighters (Dave "I use to live in N. Virginia because I rock" Grohl)
  • Hot Hot Heat (Steve "I have a fro, but I'm not black" Bays)
  • Kaiser Chiefs (Ricky "Charles Richard" Wilson)
  • Keane (Tom "I once wore purple pants" Chaplin)
  • The Killers (Brandon "I'm married and extremely hot" Flowers)
  • Maximo Park (Paul "I'm super flexible" Smith)
  • Nirvana (Kirk "I brought rock back and ended hair metal" Cobaine)
  • Rilo Kiley (Jenny "I can sing your whole outfit off" Lewis)
Your's Nore "I wish I were as cool as half the people on the above list" No Last Name For You!



Today something amazing happened. Something happened that has never happened to me before. I got on the 3.5 honor roll. Which means I get to go to a cool breakfast thing. It also means that I have my mp3 back. But just the fact that I somehow have a 3.5 gpa makes me happy. Now for something completely different:

B-SIDES!!! For the KCs
People Need Light: And now we start wondering whether there's something in their collective beer. Think Beatles sampling and reasons for people needing light. So strange, they must have been high.
Moon: Considering how little I can understand, I think this is a love song of sorts. "The tide belongs to the moon, and I belong to you." I think. Anyway, not as weird as People need light.
Seventeen Cups: Cups mean tea. I can't understand whats being said. I hate that. I like the sound though. Tis pretty.
The Letter Song: Love song. Acoustic guitar. Tambourine. Piano. Beatles feel. I love.
Brightest Star: Yummy. Ricky sounds odd. Kinda think it's not him, but it could be. "With an upstairs lounge I'll be rid of you"!!! 'Nother good one.
Not Suprised: Okay, so People Need Light is the really oddity. Everything else is perfect. yay.
Not much else to report. Most of the day was spent inwardly celebrating my exciting news and coughing up my lungs and/or blowing my nose. So yay for me!


Entry #2 for 15/11/05 (ooh european dating)

I don't actually take notes during physics for the most part. The same goes for english. Sometimes with math. When I'm not taking notes I write fairly random things. Today I had fun with glue, a popsicle stick, and sheer boredom during physics. Sometimes though I write pretty poetry. Like the depressing poem I posted a little while back. Problem is, when you have 3 notebooks and no clue where to find the pretty poem, one could get a bit frustrated. So I'm going to find this pretty poem and post it. I'll be back in a few minutes to do that.
:a bit later: Damn, damn, damn. I threw it away. Damn. Damn. Damn.
Would you consider Employment a particularly happy LP? I'll admit the tunes can be cheery sounding, but does that a "happy" album make? I think not. The lyrics for every song save Saturday Night is depressing to one extent or another. I could say Saturday Night is slightly depressing, but I don't want to. I'm already catagorizing two of my favorite songs on the LP depressing already, no need to have it be three. I suppose people just don't listen to the lyrics. I believe one should do that, otherwize you loose half the picture. Hmmm.
I don't want to finish my homework. I know I need to, but I don't want to. I hate conclusions and I hate what we're doing in english. I guess I'll just have to finish it later. Stay up late. Oh well.

Crap On You

So I'm not feeling any better. My cold as become a chest thing, so now my chest hurts and I can't really talk. My life sucks.
For the first time since I became a South Lakes Seahawk, I was tardy for a class. omg. Rather impressive if you ask me, but whatever. Hopefully I'll continue my streak of on timeness and not be tardy again for a long time. Oh I'm pathetic.
Not much else happening here. This whole sick thing sucks. And I really don't want my report card. Thus far I surmise that I have 2 Bs, 4 As and an unknown grade in math. Thats the part that scares the crap out of me. I don't like being able to tell what my grade is in a class. So scary. :quivers: I hate report cards.
So I'm procrastinating. Tis fun. I'll just be sick and all that cool stuff. Oh I think I've stopped making sense! Ta then.


There's something in my throat, and it's weird

You know what scares me? Men who can sing higher than me. Falsetto is the devil. Along with some other things I'm sure I've mentioned before. Anyway, that's a big reason for why I don't like the Darkness. Their lead singer can sing higher than me. And he does it through the whole CD. Really creeps the shit out of me. Kind of like opera singers and baritones. Some voices just creep me out.
In other news I'm still sick. And I'm procrastinating. Have been for almost two hours now. I'll get it done though. I usually do.
I've decided that it's better to admit that I'm bitter than to try and hide the fact. I'M BITTER! That's right, I'm very bitter. You know why? Because I'm silly. I'm bitter over something completely superfluous. I'm bitter over the fact that I can't see my bands in concert. I realize that I've said this a million times before, but I'm just realizing how absolutly silly it must sound to all of you. Oh well. I'm strange and silly. But yes, I am bitter.


I Am The New Sick

I continuely put myself in situations that continuely show me how glad I am I decided not to be a muscian. Unfortunatly I didn't get to finish that experience because I'm sick. Mind you I'm sure everybody around me is quite glad I'm not there. I would be a miserable stand partner. Ugh I feel like shit.
In any event I thought you might like to know that I'm sick. That is all.


I'm Not Happy, I Swear

I think thats a song. By My Chemical Romance. Oh well. Yay plagerism!!!

A Depressive Poem for November 9, 2005

And if I could fly/I would leave this place/Make a new me/Someone ne I would like to be
Disappear in the crowd/Where no one would notice/Forget who I was/A chameleon camoflouge
So it would go/I would no longer be/Exsist the same as Holden/Only in the mind
Oh if I could fly/I would surely disappear/No longer to be seen/Completely utterly free

Booya bitch. Today is craaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaap

Mush For Brains

Today feels like a monday. I know it isn't a monday, but it feels like a monday.
I've just properly waken (woken?) up. It's 3:09 pm and I've just woken up. Sad. I think it's the music though. Maybe not. I don't really care. I just don't give a flying fuck about anything today.
My sister is coming home today. Her counselor thought it would be dangerous for her if she stayed at college. Like suicide dangerous. Thing is, I'm angry. Not so much at her but at the whole shittyness of the situation. Why should she get to come home? I never got to come home. I stayed at Stu stuffing myself till I couldn't feel, trying to explain to myself some good reason why I was doing this, so when my parents asked I would have a semi-reasonable explanation. I was depressed so often it was fucking miracle when I felt happy. Did I get to come home? Skip classes? No, because I'm not in college. All those times when my window seemed like a welcome option to sheer apathetic-ness of my life, I stayed. Never got the chance because I was 15/16 and only in 8th/9th grade. Once you're an adult you get to give up. Finally after all the struggling and hardship at 18/19 you can say "Fuck you, I'm quitting." But not till then. No, till then you have to suck it up, go on meds, talk to a therapist. Can't quit. Fucking hypocrisy if you ask me.
I'm in such a foul mood today. Math and it's goddamn idiosyncrasies, Mr. Louie and his inablitity to make physics even a little bit interesting, health and all that means. Really wish we had come back on a blue day. Then I wouldn't be so pissed and bitchy. Just want to scream at the sky today.



:bounce, bounce: What is it about All-American Rejects that makes me think of 8th grade? Strange stuff yo.
Oh Benny Folds-poo. You make the piano ever so much more glorious than you know. Keane makes it all ballad, and you dearest make it all rock.
I'm a wee bit hyper. Ya know why? Cuz I got like 15 bagillion hours of sleep and I have no school.
Ya know whats super, super cool? Mr. Vagts listening to London Calling and Mr. Louie listening to Weezer. Booya bitch. My teachers are shiznit.
:bounce, bounce: I'm so friggin bored!!!!!!!!


Rilo Kiley

Alright, I would like to clarify something I said yesterday. When I said "Wonder why it is that no one questions there sexuality" what I mean is the following: Male pop singers sometimes have their sexuality questioned. Actors at times have their sexuality questioned. Musical theater guys have their sexuality questioned at times. So why is it that rock band guys rarely have their sexuality questioned? Mind you the comment was somewhat random given the context, but my mind works oddly so it made sense to me when I wrote it. I just want you to know that I'm not questioning anyone's sexuality. I love me some rock guys, so despite the eyeliner and dandy clothing, I heartly believe they are all hetero. Especially Ricky. Even if Jackie doesn't think so, cuz she's crazy. :nods:
So yeah, Rilo Kiley. Pretty spiff stuff they have in that there band. Portion For Foxes, tres spiff. In fact, of the three songs I downloaded (yay for Yahoo! Music Unlimited!!!) there isn't a one that I don't like. Which is pretty spiff. In fact very, very, tres, tres, :tries to say very in spanish twice: cool. I like me some Rilo Kiley.
Oh and Razorlight! The lead singer may look odd, but I like his voice, and the songs build in a nice rock song way. Somewhat predictable, but overall very nice. So there, now it's just 10 bands. Actually, no. I listened to the Von Bondies. They were okay. I've decided that I'm more of a rock-pop kind of person. Vaguely indie as I said yesterday. Also have some Raveonettes. I liked, but not sure I would by the cd. We'll see. Thats it. 4 bands down, 8 bands to go.
Thats it mes petites. I've got a semi-long week ahead. Two days of school, an audition and then GMU Honor Band stuff. Sure I miss a day of school, but I'm going to be in intense practice mode. My head will explode at the end of Friday. And again on Saturday. I'm so excited.


Make Up Work

Click here. Click on "A Million Ways" Dance linky-poo for whatever you need. Watch. Laugh and be amused. Be amazed at Nore's amazing taste in music. Or not. The last one's optional.
Then go watch "Dance, Dance" by Fall Out Boy. Be amazed that these kind of dorks ever make it into the music scene. Wonder why it is that no one questions there sexuality. Laugh at the lead singer's silly mutton chop-esque side burns.
Finally, ponder over why it has taken Nore so damn long to figure out that when people say "hey you might like this" they actually mean it. And that it has taken the same person so damn long to figure out that not all music is crap. Especially when it's vaguely indie. Yeah.

Bands That I Still Need To Listen To
  1. Fiery Furnaces
  2. Snow Patrol
  3. Yeah Yeah Yeahs (for serious, not mockingly)
  4. The Von Bondies
  5. Razorlight
  6. Elefant
  7. The Walkmen
  8. The Stills
  9. The Raveonettes
  10. The Kills
  11. Rooney
  12. Rilo Kiley
I know it seems like a lot, but really it's not. Actually it is, but I'm trying not to be amazed at how thick I can be. I mean, shit! 12 f-ing bands. 12!!!! Shit.
I'm making up for years of neglect. All these bands. All this music. I'm trying my damndest to make up for it. It just amazes me how many there are. Eventually I'll listen to them all. Eventually.



Franz Ferdinand, Kaiser Chiefs, Keane, Killers, Maximo Park. Franz Ferdinand, Kaiser Chiefs, Keane, Killers, Maximo Park. Franz Ferdinand, Kaiser Chiefs, Keane, Killers, Maximo Park. Franz Ferdinand, Kaiser Chiefs, Keane, Killers, Maximo Park. Franz Ferdinand, Kaiser Chiefs, Keane, Killers, Maximo Park. Franz Ferdinand, Kaiser Chiefs, Keane, Killers, Maximo Park. Franz Ferdinand, Kaiser Chiefs, Keane, Killers, Maximo Park. Franz Ferdinand, Kaiser Chiefs, Keane, Killers, Maximo Park. Franz Ferdinand, Kaiser Chiefs, Keane, Killers, Maximo Park.
Over and over, through my fingers, in my ears, out of my mouth. I think I'm a little obsessive. Do you think I'm a little obsessive?
Franz Ferdinand, Kaiser Chiefs, Keane, Killers, Maximo Park. Franz Ferdinand, Kaiser Chiefs, Keane, Killers, Maximo Park. Franz Ferdinand, Kaiser Chiefs, Keane, Killers, Maximo Park. Franz Ferdinand, Kaiser Chiefs, Keane, Killers, Maximo Park. Franz Ferdinand, Kaiser Chiefs, Keane, Killers, Maximo Park. Franz Ferdinand, Kaiser Chiefs, Keane, Killers, Maximo Park. Franz Ferdinand, Kaiser Chiefs, Keane, Killers, Maximo Park. Franz Ferdinand, Kaiser Chiefs, Keane, Killers, Maximo Park. Franz Ferdinand, Kaiser Chiefs, Keane, Killers, Maximo Park.
Lyrics in my head all the time. Constantly writing them out, trying to purge the mind of them. Zoning out listening to what fragments I have stuck from singing them over and over again. Checking the journals, the websites, the fansites. Constant, constant, constant
Franz Ferdinand, Kaiser Chiefs, Keane, Killers, Maximo Park. 45345. Repeat 20 times a day and you'll understand. Understand why the mean so much. Why I write about them so much. Obsessive. Yes thats the word. I'm obsessive. So why is that such a bad thing?

A Letter

Dear Franz Ferdinand, Hot Hot Heat, Kaiser Chiefs, Keane, Killers, and Maximo Park,
Please send me sheet music of every song you've ever released. I need this to complete a thorough analysis of the music. You see listening just isn't good enough. I need to know every chord and figure out every layer. One cannot figure out the chord progression if one cannot see the notes. I would truely appreciate it if you could send that to me. Thank you very much.
From a Devoted Fan

I wish. God I wish I could do that. That would just be so awsome. That analysis would be so cool. Oh man. I wish