A Follow Up

So it's been a few days (five in fact) and mainly because I don't want to freak out my sister* and I'm going to make a few observations about what I talked about last time. And continue to be cryptic, it's more fun that way.

  • The LBGT alphabet soup of labels is way too complicated. And yet not detailed enough. And lablely. However I have heard bi/pan/omni-sexuals referred to as unicorns so I've decided that if I were to ever label myself** I would call myself a unicorn. Because unicorns, as The Oatmeal and Cabin in the Woods have made clear, unicorns are awesome.
  • Most of the advice I've read and most of the materials I have found on the web are geared towards people in high school/beginning of college, not people in their twenties. I know most people have defined who they are by this point, but as the one friend I've talked to about this pointed out, I'm a complicated butterfly*** so the fact that it's taken me this long to admit what I am is fine. However it's really annoying reading advice that's geared to teenagers who are dealing with coming out because they have the rest of college to come to grips with who they are. I'm moving to London for graduate school, it's not the same thing.

Those are all my observations. All two of them. Good to get them off the chest though.

*She seemed a little freaked out when we talked this evening about "the Twitter stuff" as she put it. I could be wrong.

**Which I don't plan on doing because I really and truly hate labels. My plan is that if I ever get a girlfriend I'll just...never tell anyone. God I hate confrontation. That's a whole separate blog post though.

***She didn't actually say butterfly. Complex person yes. Jasmine not the kind of person to refer to people has butterflies though.

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